WE DID IT! After 19 Days at Sea, Sailing Greta Thunberg into Lisbon! Ep.6

We arrive in Lisbon to drop off Greta Thunberg after sailing 3200 nautical miles across the North Atlantic Ocean. What a journey it has been. We’ve experienced it all out here. Join us for the second last video of our experience in getting La Vagabonde to Europe. The smell of land has never been so sweet!! Be sure to watch the playlist from the beginning if you’ve missed these episodes with Greta:

Song Credits:
00:00 War – Luis Trindade –
01:47 Jimmy Pinch – John Force Theme –
05:53 Climbing Trees – Tracks (Acoustic) –
08:25 Heavy Light- Ben Catley –
10:38 The King’s Parade – Belsize Lane –
14:54 MaJLo – The Bird’s Song –
17:13 On My Way Home – Adam Yoo –
20:16 A Morning Song – Miner –

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Author: Sailing La Vagabonde

49 thoughts on “WE DID IT! After 19 Days at Sea, Sailing Greta Thunberg into Lisbon! Ep.6

  1. I have been quietly obessed to your videos for the last few weeks for some reason, going with your up and down those waves and into the ocean has seemed to ease the ups and downs of my own very rocky emotional journey somehow… but although you're both charismatic, your kid is a cutey; the places you go are movingly beautiful and your videos are sumptuous, I have not really known who you are and why I am with you. Now I know, I am in tears as I watched Greta roll into the harbour with her supporters cheering her on. <3 I know underneath the gritty (sometimes dumb) humour, rough larrikiness and shimmering surface beauty there is real heart here and real purpose. Thank you for your films, it is truly moving, beautiful, healing and powerful to see nature through your experience of her. You've done so much, I hope you find a way to share some more of the depth to your intention, thoughts, feelings and experiences to these seemingly gritty and glamorous adventures. I think the world has a lot to learn above living with nature and within her limits. You both have a unique experience of this and I am very interested in the choices you have made to live this life and ride those waves.

  2. and when did you first see co2??-greta well my dad said pull my finger and thats when i saw it i smelt it to and after mommy makes beans i can some times even taste it. it taste bad

  3. Congrats Aleyna Ralley and so lovely boy Leny thank you so much to sailing with Greta and parents to Portugal. Greta does a good and important job. She has good ideas. Leny love Greta. Good and safe sailing team la vagabonde from Australia. May god bless you and blessing special to pregnant Aleyna. Greetings from Switzerland Alp Region. Still a lot of snow but warmer.

  4. You guys shoud invest in some weather proof dash cams, one pointing forward and on covering the cockpit. Then when something happens like a rogue wave you would always have some footage.

  5. anyone find it weird that Gretta didn't seem to mind all the gas burning boats following them to get a look? It seems that burning fossil fuel is bad unless it's to give her attention.

  6. Just binge watched this. What a great experience, I'm 62 and have never been to sea. Recently I've started wanting to. As a youngster I wanted to be a marine biologist, but family/class and needs took me elsewhere. The urge is back.

  7. So moved by the series. As a father and captain of my own vessel, my heart rose and fell with each passing storm and decision Riley and Nikki had to make. Job well done to all on board.

  8. I feel such belated pride over what all of you accomplished … with such courage and dignity.
    This passage has also had fab music. Thanks to you all for this documentary series.

  9. It's interesting how the footage at sea seemed real, and the footage from the media looked grainy, maybe even like a dream sequence in a film. Great speech to the press, it was short, and it revealed details of the trip that put Greta in a great light, a superb intro to her talking.

    I also think this trip did a lot for Greta. I mean, she lost control of her image to the politicians and press who all seemed to have their own Agenda. It was almost like a documentary, showing the Real Greta and Her Dad too. No documentary of them would have been as real, capturing them when they were tired, scared, hungry, wet, etc and reveal their true nature and relationship.

    I'm a new Subscriber, but hugely impressed. I hope the new boat is the right size, seems like you were using every square inch of the Outremar, I hope the Rapido works at least as well for you future journeys. And one last comment, I think you're a great sailing couple, but more then that you are superb story tellers. I was glued to this as I was glued to Alex Honnold's documentary.

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