Was treibt Europas Anstieg der Coronavirus-Fälle an?

Der Kontinent ist nun das Zentrum der globalen Pandemie – wieder. Während sich Länder von der Ostsee bis zum Mittelmeer auf härtere Wintermaßnahmen einstellen, untersucht Jon Henley vom Guardian, was die vierte Welle antreibt. Guardian News auf YouTube abonnieren ► Warum kehrt Europa in die dunklen Tage von Covid zurück? ► Covid boomt in Europa. Was bedeutet das für Großbritannien? | Heute im Fokus ► The Guardian veröffentlicht unabhängigen Journalismus, ermöglicht durch Unterstützer. Tragen Sie noch heute zu The Guardian bei ► Website ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► .


Author: Guardian News

30 thoughts on “Was treibt Europas Anstieg der Coronavirus-Fälle an?

  1. However desperately hard you try to relate mitigation measures to falling infection rates it simply can't be done on a comprehensive basis. Factors are at work here which are beyond current understanding. There are more anomalies than intelligible conclusions in the world picture – let alone in the situation in Europe.

  2. The CDC's own data, obtained from a recent FOI request, states there is no record of anyone with natural immunity being reinfected and passing on the virus but the vaccinated are.
    The immune system is at the mercy of whatever they've put in the needle and explains the side effects.

  3. Ok, but if those areas have lower vaccination rates, they had even lower vaccination rates before the "vaccine" so explain why they have high cases now and not before? Also, if "they" know infections increase when you push people indoors why allow companies, with mostly desk workers like JP Morgan, to force their employees to return to the office?

  4. Thank goodness these vaccines are so effective or we’d really have a problem. (Sarcasm)
    Question….how long is two weeks exactly, to flatten the curve, because it’s starting to feel like it’s a bit more than just 14 days no?

  5. It is painful and distressed to see all measures and directives from WHO till now have FAILED to combat covid19 and prevent millions of deaths Wõrldwide.
    Humbly urging people both vaccinated and unvaccinated in addition to safety measures to use and rub amla oil on whole face and well regularly on hands and forearms 1-3ml when going out and eventual washing with soap.
    Its so simple, why don't you try to save yourself and your family from C19 and this would cost you about 3 dollars a bottle of 200ml of ao.
    If only one city or village could implement and test above for 2-4 weeks and the world WILL be saved.
    Please take care as above.

  6. "What is driving Europe's surge in coronavirus cases?"

    Greed and government corruption. Now take you mandated "vaccine" so they can make more money from your death.

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