Turkey defense minister warns Greece not to test Turkey’s patience

Turkey defense minister warns Greece not to test Turkey’s patience

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18 thoughts on “Turkey defense minister warns Greece not to test Turkey’s patience

  1. Classic, people are angry over out of control inflation? Try and provoke and argument with another country.

  2. Every authoritarian playbook…

    Every time there is a crisis of any kind they like the create a conflict to divert the pu public’s attention like Putin is doing with Ukraine

    Poor Greece! Always bullied and always the target of Erdogan

  3. Turkey has been provoking Greece on a daily basis for decades.

    It has a standing casus belli on Greece (nominally an ally btw) since 1995,if Greece applies the international law provisions from UNCLOS that legally allows it to expand its Aegean territorial waters to 12NM.

    For decades it habitually violates the Greek airspace including flying over Greek soil at an increase rate:


    As of late Turkey has officially adopted a lebensraum doctrine on Greece called Mavi Vatan to deprive it of its territorial waters, EEZ and continental shelf.


    It has been funneling immigrants from Central Asia and North Africa to EU through Greece through land and sea ways at an attempt to destabilize Athens.

    What they fail to understand is that Greece isn’t afraid of them. If this escalates to military action it will be their responsibility alone.

  4. “Hey want to see me crash my currency by provoking an international crisis in foreign waters?”

    “Wanna see me do it again?”

  5. Hypothetically, since both countries are in NATO and I imagine that treaty can’t be invoked, wouldn’t who the Anglos (and to a lesser extent France) sided with determine a military matter between Turkey and Greece? And didn’t Erdogan’s bodyguards beat up some of their citizens a couple years back (can’t remember if it was UK or US). I imagine the US has a large Greek immigrant or descent community too? Not sure about Turks though.

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