Treffen Sie Oladosu Adenike, die „Greta Thunberg“ Afrikas

Laut UNICEF tragen die Länder am wenigsten zur Klimakrise bei, die am stärksten betroffen sind. Adenike Oladosu, eine Klimaaktivistin aus Nigeria, führt den Kampf in seinem Land an. #OladosuAdenike #GretaThunberg #DW.


Author: El Universal

16 thoughts on “Treffen Sie Oladosu Adenike, die „Greta Thunberg“ Afrikas

  1. Las acciones individuales cuentan, pero el problema lo aportan más que todo los países industriales, con sus grandes empresas explotando el ecosistema en todo el mundo, ahora bien no todas son así, afortunadamente tenemos cada vez más empresas como tesla que promueven otro tipos de energías.

  2. Si tanto les importara el cambio climático, entonces emprenderian proyectos reales para combatirlo, en lugar de hacer toda una campaña de marketing que no sirve para nada.
    Un ejemplo a seguir es el de Elon Musk quien emprendió una gran empresa de autos eléctricos, y hoy Tesla es la automotriz más valiosa.

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    CNG out of electrolyse.H2 + air CO2 in Sabatier process is also zero carbon cycle dense enough at 700+ bar from LNG tanks securest best in middle inside airplane not wings securer and less expensive kerosene, gasoline & LNG staying first cold down not like CNG always up & away with valves or wished break direction, high ignition…

    In history reactors build more big for saving costs allowing also more security effort same price/kWh and more important near 100% efficient turbines not heating up environment.
    Recommended RBN Th pebble bed HTR zero risk all cases including war and cheap with cubic boron nitride isotopes B-11 & N-15 + cheap ThO2 and lithium-7 cooled & moderated thorium breeder like Na breeder etc.

    Oil & gas are going out at all in mexico but solar & wind power are far less delivering than peak values showed needing storages for peaks else lost and replacement energy source if out many times build up not storm proof.

    Lithium price increased already 4 times in 2021 is already a problem for e-cars as still far nost new cars are no e-cars.
    E-cars market still depends on subsidy stepwise reduced in china to zero also unclear if on increased level in germany next year at all no green carbon free electricity surplus left for e-cars like before in norway from water power.
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    Batteries not needed for car driving for a decade still enough LNG/CNG in world and makable out of electrolyse H2 + air CO2 in Sabatier process based on nuclear and cold fusion power. CNG at 700+ bar double dense could be quickly at all fuel stations in 2.4m 1000+ bar pebble tanks fillable at all LNG terminals not needing pipeline.

    Lithium production out of carbonates etc. partly stopped for saving energy

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