Town of Kiruna, Sweden

Town of Kiruna, Sweden

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36 thoughts on “Town of Kiruna, Sweden

  1. You missed the massive open mining area right next to the city. The city has been moved, so they could operate the mine

  2. Sweden is such a great and beautiful country. But these winters can be so depressing. I was there last year around this time and man did I had a difficult time to adjust to the darkness.

  3. Seems nobody mentioned this:

    Kiruna is home to a spaceport and research center and it’s the homeplace to the European Space master program. Super interesting stuff.

  4. Oh my God!

    This radiates innocence and optimism, that can only be found in children’s picture books from the eighties.

    Looking at this picture I get an itch to pull out my Lego set and drink chocolate milk, knowing full well that despite the Bomb, everything will be alright.

    Oh man, when did my childhood dreams dehydrate?

  5. Fun fact: Most houses in this pic Will be swallowed by the mine in about 50 years.

    I work there “moving” the city center

  6. I was there last year. I got lost in the new city by mistake. This town is a hell for your bicycle because everything is a slope!

  7. man… 29th of February 2020. I remember it like it was yesterday. 2 years of painstaking non-stop work to get our student rocket and experiment ready for the launch at Esrange near Kiruna. We were on the train from Germany, we had planned a relaxing trip up to the north with stops in Copenhagen and Stockholm and would then take the night train straight to Kiruna for a 4 Week rocket launch campaign. We almost made it to Copenhagen when we got the email. “Launch campaign cancelled due to risk of new virus”.

    We were gutted. We were told to wait a month to see if the situation improved. Of course we all know what happened then. Meanwhile our rocket and equipment was already shipped and waiting for us a few weeks earlier. April went by… May… June looked better than may, but worse then March. We missed our launch windows, rescheduled to October/November. We knew exactly what would happen. September started looking worse again, October was bad, November was bad. Launch cancelled again. Spring came, but again, risk was too high. By now a good chunk of the team had graduated, moved, gotten jobs. We didn’t even have the people for a launch now. Finally we were given a new launch window in October 2022. We declined. We missed our chance. The project was over, funding dried up. The rocket was sent back and put in storage. Probably for ever.

    and this was the story how we almost visited Kiruna. Would have been cool.

  8. Thought #1: That would make a heck of a jigsaw puzzle.

    Thought #2: Okay, everybody: now move 2 km to the right! Go!

  9. Spent a few days here, fun place. Main bar in town is full of characters, mostly very friendly.
    Had beers and shots with:
    – Local biker gang – the midnight sun riders or something, all 7ft tall Vikings
    – Winter car test drivers
    – some army guys (can’t remember what country) doing winter ops
    – competitive dog sledder
    – some guy preparing for a super long unaided para sling trip (think his name was Max Steel or something crazy)
    – Local teenagers who make €150k a year working in the worlds largest iron ore mine (town was once moved to expand the mine).

  10. For those who live in Sweden or another country that uses these great color palettes on their building exteriors. Do you have a link to the color palettes from local paint companies, or just the company names, so we can draw some inspiration?

  11. I checked on Google maps where that is. First reaction: Holy shit that’s very north. Second reaction: it’s -19 °C there. WTF

  12. How do Swedes manage to keep their cities so tidy? Romanian towns are so depressing by comparison, so grey and covered with mold.

  13. I spent a day there before hiking a stretch of the Kungsladen a few years ago. Definitely much prettier with a fresh blanket of snow.

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