Tom Harwood: “Greta Thunberg ist der größte Treiber der Klimaskepsis, die es gibt.”

Tom Harwood: “Greta Thunberg weiß es vielleicht nicht, aber sie ist der größte Treiber der Klimaskepsis, die es gibt.” Laden Sie die GB News App herunter, um überall live zu sehen, alle unsere Sendungen zu verfolgen und die neuesten Nachrichten der GBN-Familie zu erhalten. Vergesst nicht, uns auch in den sozialen Medien zu folgen! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: .


Author: GBNews

44 thoughts on “Tom Harwood: “Greta Thunberg ist der größte Treiber der Klimaskepsis, die es gibt.”

  1. The facts are the biggest driver of disagreement with climate activists (I hesitate to call it climate scepticism). Take for example the fact that the last 6 winter seasons in the Arctic have been the coldest on record. And the winter season in the arctic came that soon this year that there are many ships stranded in the new ice waiting for ice breakers to get them out. Bear in mind that according to Al Gore's wonderful movie (yes, sarcasm), the arctic should be ice free by now.

  2. The public have had enough of experts, MPs, MSM and big tech. They have lied, exaggerated and scared the public non stop on Brexit, Covid and climate change. It doesn't matter what they say now they have lost public trust and once its lost you never get it back.

  3. Greta is paid by the elite!!
    Gates & SOROS!
    Many famous people are members!
    Shes not a child she is 18!!
    But plays the child to get you to listen!
    If we have only a few years left
    Nothing we do will change this!
    & why are governments pushing the vaccine!
    If wer all going to die anyways????
    This is scaremongering!!
    & the media are also behind it!
    But then it's the rich who own media!
    Wake up people !
    Obey the laws but speak out for crying out loud!!!
    Your all brain dead from watch propaganda on media!
    Turn of the tv.think for yourself!

  4. Well I'm a climate sceptic because the data simply doesn't back up what the climate activists are saying nothing with the climate is out of the ordinary during the last century.

  5. I've been saying this since she first arrived on the scene. I detest Greta Thunberg because she is the biggest threat to the climate change agenda we've ever seen. She routinely ignores the science and pushes false claims and socialism as the answer, rather than offering up sensible, well thought out solutions. For example, she called for an immediate end to Fossil fuel use across the globe, immediate as in today. Scientists pointed out that doing so would result in millions of people dying in the developing world. She's nothing but an ignorant child.

  6. Why does anyone take this child seriously I emphasis SHE IS A CHILD ….. WHAT IM CONCERNED ABOUT is this child having a platform letting her scare the wits out of other children ……. As for a climate emergency it’s been an emergency or near 40 years ? I think these people need to look up in the dictionary WHAT EMERGENCY MEANS ?? NO emergency then ?

  7. Where are those rising sea levels? Nobody can see them in the real world.
    I hear about global warming and rising sea levels since mid 1990ties. Now, 30 years later I can't rally observe any significant changes, all this 'climate change' narrative is based on 'forecasts' and 'doom and gloom models'
    where there is real, solid data from the real world!
    BTW, A German oceanographer told me that the highest water level in the Baltic Sea was recorded in the 1970s, then it dropped significantly and stabilized at a low level, with no tendency to rise.

  8. COP26 was a failure it was all talk and background green money laundering and nothing done regarding ecology or real pollution. Too hung up on the CO2 narrative that doesn’t even correlate with temperature change, or lack of it. It was like all other cop meetings a farcical virtue signaling group hug for morons.

  9. A lot of money is going to be made out this, just look at the people who have suddenly taken an interest. I can assure these people wouldn't be flying their private jets to Glasgow unless there was a chance of some rich pickings and guess who the poor unfortunates will be when it comes to paying for it.

  10. I've been doing research of my own and I can't tell you how much of a hoax this is. Most of the people responsible (made up of scientists, often those NOT an expert in Climatology, activists and politicians) don't even bother to check their facts. It's all based on sensationalism and fear-mongering with facts conveniently being ignored or even being altered to fit the narrative. I will keep on doing more research because I want to be better educated on the matter. Once I truly did believe in all the fear-mongering about "man-made" global warming and would get depressed about it but now…I feel like a right fool for ever trusting these kinds of people.

  11. The politics of climate change are starting to shine through in gretas language , although anyone with a brain had already seen through her

  12. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is preaching to the world about climate change, that mans carbon footprint would out shadow anything most small countries put out! ……..he rides a bike or drives an electric car then starts talking 💩

  13. Ms. Greta is using the completely 'conjured up' theory of man-made climate change to enshrine 'socialism' onto everyone else. Of course she doesn't realise any of this and probably truly believes all that her 'communist' handlers have told her. Not a lot of actual 'science' at the COP meeting of 'political Parties', did you notice?

  14. It's good that more people are beginning to see through the whole climate charade, and if Greta is helping with that, she may yet be of some use to the world. As to the "think tank" mentioned, they are just more snake oil salesmen, or their accomplices.

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