The Untold Truth Of Greta Thunberg

Even though there is a scientific consensus that climate change is negatively affecting the planet, it remains a controversial issue. If anyone in the public eye brings up ways in which we can fight climate change, they’re bound to face attacks from right-wing pundits, some of whom don’t even draw the line at attacking children.

Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg is just a teenager, and she has already faced plenty of horrible comments from climate change deniers, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing everything she can to educate the world. Let’s take a look at the untold truth of Greta Thunberg.

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A young environmentalist | 0:00
Her “superpower” | 1:46
Her inspirations | 2:45
Taking a stand | 4:02
Giving world leaders an earful | 5:01
She angers right-wing pundits | 6:36
Talking the talk | 7:05
Donald Trump insulted her | 8:03
The “Alternative Nobel Prize” | 9:12
Meeting AOC | 10:21

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38 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of Greta Thunberg

  1. She is the kind of people that you don't want as a neighbor
    How dare you to jump on the sidewalk
    Hey hey u can't park in the streets
    What's that noise lmao

  2. 4:04 She is a Titanic caliber set up disaster for activism – major hypocrite not mentioning China or India in her glorious UN complaint. Making no suggestions. Popping out eyeballs spewing nothing but hatred. The amount of media attention pumped into her worldwide will not help her Asperger's. And if her dreams got stolen – guess what – should have kept a better eye on them. Just sad to see youngsters being willingly and willfully exploited like that.

  3. Oh and they’re not to mention she was printed on GQ magazine which uses trees for the paper Rolling Stones which use the Strese for the paper in the magazines like everything she does is a contradiction if she was really about it she would tell them not to put her on the cover

  4. I just can never watch her popular speech and I stop the video or skip after the "how dare you?!" part…the cringe factor is simply too high for me I must admit, that level of cringe frightens my soul

  5. The moment I see her master's degree certificate in environmental sciences will be the moment I will choose to listen to her. Provided she has a master's degree which, with her bunking school, I doubt she has.

  6. Rosa parks should not be compared to the little girl. Rosa was real and honest. Greta is a puppet. Ask about her security deployment.. who’s paying that?? She doesn’t strike from school. It’s a special school that allows kids to take any time off with no effect on her grades

  7. When she came to Bristol two years ago I was a bit star struck so considered going there to see the little tyke give a speech on College Green. After the crowd dispersed there was a lot of litter left and the grass turned to mud with so many people standing on it and wet weather. Extinction Rebellion the more grown up version of the School Strikes for the Climate would have made sure that litter had been cleared and that the event would have been moved to a different location so the crowd could stand on tarmac if it had been raining. Otherwise they probably would have relaid the turf. So glad I didn't go.

  8. Its already a very very green world, 90 % of it in the billionaire pockets of the Elite, through their schemes of climate change, covid19, Afghanistan war, Iraq war, all wars, Greta Thunberg just another gimmick, they control all illegal trade of elicit drugs around the word (..) so on so forth, and of course the slave trade of banking and credit card debt.

  9. Thunberg is really a troubled child. She needs medication to help control her anger and irrational fear. Adults of the left are using this poor girl for their political agenda. That being anti capitalism.

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