The Coal Company RWE wants to destroy the small village Lützerath. We build a c…

The Coal Company RWE wants to destroy the small village Lützerath.

We build a climate-camp with tree houses around it to protect Lützerath and to give the houses a 2nd life.

RWE already destroyed around 300 villages in Germany. Now they are going to destroy 6 more and the first of them should be Lützerath.

RWE already destroyed the homes of 125.000 people to extend their coal mines. Continuing this in 2021? Dispite climate change and the plan of Germany to end coal in 2030? With tax payer money from the government?

Under Lützerath there are 650 MILLION tons of Coal that RWE wants to burn. With only that it’s more CO2 than Gemanys 1,5°C budget of CO2.

You can only push people out of their homes legally if it’s the best for all people of the country. Is producing electricity from coal in 2021 still the best for the people with no alternatives? That’s wrong. Lawyers are deciding now. But RWE does not want to wait for that and wants to start destroying in January.

The same happened in the Hambacher forest not far from here. Occupied by people living in tree houses the government sent thousands of policemen to pull the people out of the tree houses and destroy them so that RWE can cut down the forest.

But every weekend and every day more and more people came to defend the forest. In the end there were 50.000 protesters. The police could not stop us. They gave up and lawyers decided that the forest stays!

Come to Lützerath to stop big companies from deciding about our future! We decide about our future.

We can only win against a giant like RWE when we are MANY PEOPLE.

Come to the camp in Lützerath to help us building. Help to defend Lützerath from destruction in January.

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Author: Academy for Liberty Deutschland

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