Tatra mountains in Poland

Tatra mountains in Poland

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29 thoughts on “Tatra mountains in Poland

  1. Beautiful!
    For some reason I always thought Poland was more flat, like the German northeast. There is definitely a lack of pretty polish mountain pictures on the sub.

  2. spend some time there every year! although on the slovakian side zelené pleso is by far the most beautiful lake imo

  3. Beautiful. I visited it once in 1996. Absolutely on top of my list of favorite destinations. Stunning scenery of nature

  4. So beautiful.

    Also, the snow and the color of the sky together make me feel so comfortable, and the snow looks so fluffy

  5. This was the place I first saw proper snow in my life. I was 22, in a bus going from Budapest to Vilnius. It was so beautiful and emotional for me.

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