Russian President Putin speaks after bilateral meeting with President Biden — 6/16/21

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a press conference following one of the most highly-anticipated political events of the year as he participated in a summit with President Joe Biden in Geneva on Wednesday.

The summit included an initial meeting between the presidents and their closest officials followed by talks between the wider Russia and U.S. delegations and separate press conferences with the two leaders. The Putin-Biden summit is being closely watched around the world as U.S.-Russia relations remain tense.

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Russian President Putin speaks after bilateral meeting with President Biden — 6/16/21


Author: CNBC Television

41 thoughts on “Russian President Putin speaks after bilateral meeting with President Biden — 6/16/21

  1. Путин предпринимает смелые шаги по уничтожению, враждебных, американцев посредством распространения COVID-19, и, одновременно, зарабатыванием, при помощи российских хакеров, на сети Tor, и вместе с тем, на распространении наркотиков, приличных сумм электронных денег.

  2. He is a big icon a monarch personality and most look up to him in international politics.And definitely he lead Russia to a military superpower equalling only US or bit more or less.He should join hands with The EU and US ,And not a big shame of humanity like CHINA who deliberately spread the CORONA VIRUS to the Whole world .It absolutely does not suit a heroic personality like Putin to join hands with countries like China, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran which are ROGUE nations just for assuming threats from NATO and US. In fact he should be a MAN and come in common terms with the EU and US and settle down .As CHINA and ISLAM are the biggest threats to the world to look at to eliminate or eradicate which is spreading humanity like a disease more worst then Corona 😳.

  3. Hello all People Russia 🇷🇺 I’m Room de Rio Bonaparte I 1984 visit my uncle House night time I whit 9 Good boy come United state and to now here I arrest one Family living animal shelter adopt my to now I’m don’t Like this Country And family adopt my Me 4 times going’s War for USA 🇺🇸 1982 animal war 1984 France 🇫🇷 Belgium 🇧🇪 2000 🇮🇶 Iraq 1994 N.A.S.A Please fact I’m going Los Angeles jail now maybe I go Police Station Asking Russia sorry for 34 years my bad i Promise never I back to 34 years ago family & come back Moscow

  4. Dearest V.Putin Darling!
    Glorious Russians!
    It is written! The voice of rejoicing and
    salvation is in the tabernacles of the
    righteous; the right hand of the LORD
    doeth valiantly.Ps.118:15.,Amen.

  5. Dearest V.Putin Darling!
    Glorious Russians! We will rejoice in thy
    salvation, and in the name of our God,
    we will set up our banners; the LORD
    fulfil all thy petitions. Ps.20:5.Amen.

  6. Dearest V.Putin Darling!
    Glorious Russians!
    It is written! In thy name shall they rejoice
    all the day: and in thy righteousness shall
    they be exalted.Ps.89:16. Amen.

  7. Dearest V.Putin Darling!
    Glorious Russians!
    It is written! Let lsrael rejoice in Him
    that made him: let the children of Zion
    be Joyful in their King.Ps.149:2.Amen.

  8. B Putin u menya est vopros? U vas posstoyano idet programa materey. Pochemu u Larisi , ya gimnastka. Ya tak lyubila gimnastiku. A ya zila gimnastikoi.ya v internate. Ya zanyala 3 mesto. Potom eta zenshina govorit uhodi. Ya malenkaya mne 13 let . Ya hodila pod oknami I plakala

  9. Can't believe how many idiots in the comments are supporting Putin. That man faked elections, bribed oligarchs and assassinated opposition leaders. No I'm not a trump supporter, I'm a guy who lived in Russia for 9 years and have felt the authoritarian regime. Just because he's a good speaker doesn't make him a saint.

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