Russia Is Not the Great Rival

Russia Is Not the Great Rival

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13 thoughts on “Russia Is Not the Great Rival

  1. Whilst America is obsessed by Russia, China is quietly building capacity that will shock them. They have sent their brightest kids to the West to study, they have copied so much that they are no innovators as we saw with 5G, when the West got caught napping and realised that the Chinese are miles away on 5G tech and already testing 6G.

    They can throw bodies at things without question due to a lack of democratic & human rights principles. The U.S 11 carriers is going to look like Child’s play when China starts popping one of those out every 6 months. Look at the electric car space & battery tech, you only need to dig a little deeper and realise that China is on another level. This is why when people come here screaming about Lithuania ‘sticking it up to China’, the wiser countries are mute because they know what is up and are looking 5-10 years down the line. Analyst forecast that China will surpase the U.S’s GDP 5 years time.

  2. This is written by someone who once argued that the Treblinka extermination camp “was not a death camp but a transit camp used as a ‘pass-through point’ for prisoners” with his reasoning being “Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide to kill anybody,” and once wrote an opinion piece comparing former Sobibor guard Ivan Demjanjuk to Jesus…

  3. You’d think being right about everything from Iraq to Libya to Syria would have earned Buchanan more prominence in the media/politics but it’s still the same people who were wrong about everything who still have the megaphone and are pushing more nonsense.

  4. West is the reason behind Putin’s long reign. West has backed him over the years in hopes of seeing stability in Russia.

  5. “we should try to see this crisis through Putin’s eyes”

    Here we go again. Why we should do it? Maybe it will be better to convince Putin to look at crisis through our eyes? Why should we put ourself into loosing position initially?

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