Religious affiliation in Germany.

Religious affiliation in Germany.

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7 thoughts on “Religious affiliation in Germany.

  1. Just look at that. Around half of Germany is more or less religious, and where there was communism back in the day, it’s full of atheists. They have anti-discrimination laws, hate crimes and hate speech are prohibited, there’s same-sex civil unions and marriage, adoption by same-sex couples and more. With half of the country being religious.

    Meanwhile, to the east, Poland, which was back in the day a communist state, is now almost a catholic state, there’s this disgusting hegemony of the church, who has ties to the ruling party, and LGBT people don’t have anything. And there’s also a growing nationalist, almost nazi-like sentiment.

  2. Always thought that with the combination of the former DDR ( mostly Protestant) with the BRD ( slight majority catholic) the new combined state shifted towards a Protestant majority? But that’s 30 years in the past, maybe secularism took a major spike in the East?

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