Putin ‘denting EU’ by dealing only with US over Ukraine, says France

Putin ‘denting EU’ by dealing only with US over Ukraine, says France

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24 thoughts on “Putin ‘denting EU’ by dealing only with US over Ukraine, says France

  1. When an armed conflict is a possibility, are you going to deal with a global super power with huge military resource and a lead position in NATO, or the world’s largest trade block with no dedicated military?

  2. The EU would need some actual consensus on the issue if they want to be taken seriously. But in the end we all know the EU would sell Ukraine down the river due to their dependence of Russian energy supplies.

  3. The vast majority of EU states are in NATO.

    The US, UK, and Canada aren’t in the EU.

    So if you want a united western from I think the most sensible thing would be to conduct it through NATO. It shouldn’t be done as a one on one conversation with the US speaking on behalf of NATO, but it should be done through NATO.

    More importantly, any dealing that involves things in Ukraine must involve Ukraine.

  4. The USA and maybe UK are the only countries ready for a major (as in war) military operation right now. The EU countries certainly aren’t and would need months if not years to ramp up their military infrastructure. Nukes need not apply.

  5. The EU and EDF could, any time France is interested, be a bit pro active militarily.

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    In Idlib – or Hama, or Homs, or Aleppo.

    In Ukraine.

    And in Asia and Eastern Europe. Such as in Artsakh.

    Nobody [except the P.R.C. and R.F., and the agents of the FSB and GRU and SVR in the government of France, Spain, Portugal, and The Netherlands ] are stopping them.

  6. That’s what happens when you have EU politicians that become Russian government-held companies board members after their political careers

  7. Does anyone else think it strangely narcissistic that when Russia has been building troops on Ukraine’s borders for months, France appears more obsessed with the US? That the US negotiating for the defense of eastern Europe is it damaging the EU?

    If France wants to be the point of contact for this, a very fast way to do so is to put its army onto the front line. Talk to Ukraine and arrange for an invitation to deploy half the French army to Ukraine in its defense, so that a war with Ukraine is a war with France. With its troops on the line (alongside the consequent risk of French missiles targeting Moscow and Russian missiles targeting Paris) then France would certainly have the front seat in western negotiations over Ukraine.

  8. I remember reading a while back that the UK tried to negotiate with France on defence through NATO, France shot them down saying that they only wanted to coordinate defence through the EU. Now Russia ignores the EU and talks directly with NATO. Maybe now France will swallow its pride and deal with defence through NATO like it should.

  9. NATO without the USA would be irrelevant but the US military would still be a superpower military without help from other NATO countries. I mean, the US is only NATO country that can hold its own against Russia, China or even a slightly weaker military like India’s. Even countries like Iran would cause very serious problems for the UK or France. Putin knows discussing these kind of issues with the EU is just a waste of time because they don’t have a real say in the matter. If the US doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO, then Ukraine won’t join NATO and that will be that.

  10. France had it chance with Normandy 4 format following 2 subsequent Minsk agreements which have not come to fruition.

  11. good. EU with macron and Merkel in front already showed they dont care about Ukraine. They were more concerned about Ukraine killing terrorists, than Russia invading UA.

  12. Because Putin do not have a beef with EU, he has a beef with NATO/USA.

    Keep in mind that while the civilian leader of NATO is a temporary position chosen among the European nations, the military leader is always a US general.

  13. It’s almost like consistently appeasing them while intentionally making ourselves more and more reliant, garners less respect than pushing back while having the biggest military on earth by far.

  14. EU: *makes itself irrelevant by being dependant on Russia energy-wise and on US military-wise for at least 20 years*. Russia and US: *talks each other about an issue not for children*. EU: “Hey, you didn’t invite us for the talks, daddy US and mummy Russia! This is mean!”. Russia and US: “Oh no! Anyway…”

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