Putin As Tony Montana On The Economist Cover

Putin As Tony Montana On The Economist Cover

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15 thoughts on “Putin As Tony Montana On The Economist Cover

  1. I don’t think this will have the effect they desire. I don’t like Putin, but I dislike him slightly less after having seen this picture.

  2. * Tipical Western propaganda. Putin, unlike the leaders of the West, has no blood on his hands. All actions of Russia are clearly verified legally. And the Americans introduce troops and kill millions of people without the invitation of the leaders of the countries.

  3. Top tier propaganda, could you even imagine them doing this for a western world leader ? Damn, people read this shit?

  4. I dont think this is the correct thing to do. I can even imagine Putin liking this cover. Rather show his horrendous behaviour towards protesters and interview the people living in fear at the Ukrainian border than playing into some sort of villian fantasy.

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