#partygate. Boris Johnson is now facing calls from senior Tories to stand down as prime minister.

#partygate. Boris Johnson is now facing calls from senior Tories to stand down as prime minister.

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36 thoughts on “#partygate. Boris Johnson is now facing calls from senior Tories to stand down as prime minister.

  1. The only thing more terrifying than Boris Johnson as PM? Anyone else from his cabinet of authoritarians, morons and yes-men as PM.

  2. It would be ironic if after surviving fucking up Brexit and Covid response he’d have to go over this.

  3. He really should resign. Partying while the people were stuck in their homes and the Queen had to sit alone at the funeral of her husband, is absolutely despicable.

  4. In other words some of his party members are giving little speeches to appear to be doing something in the eyes of the public, Doris is someone or several peoples little puppet and I doubt they will want to give up their control anytime soon, he will be replaced when they have another fall guy lined up, getting the tories out will only end when another party actually gets its fucking shit together.

  5. So the first lockdown my uncle was stabbed in the face and hands. we were politely informed not to see go see him by the attending officers (25 miles) as it would break lockdown. Really should have took some wine and cheese.

  6. Huh, funny. It felt like Boris could lie his way through most of everything by appearing earnest or as one of the commoners. Looks like this was a bridge too far.

  7. What about the people who attended? They were all following along and agreed to not wear masks as well. It wasn’t just boris, you can’t have a party by yourself unless your me.

  8. It’s time to go Labour.

    Southerners don’t seem to be doing a good job at running the country so why not give the northerners a shot.

  9. I dont see why any of them would care. Do they think they’d be punished for this in an election? Cuz they wont. The entire left/center leaning political apparatus in the UK is in fucking shambles. Conservatives have never had such a comfortable hold on power.

  10. Our pm went one better. Cancelled music festivals and then allowed his happy slapping friends to have a church music festival. And again, the police aren’t doing shit because of the old mates network. This behaviour is fucked.

  11. I don’t know what they expected to happen when they elected a shithead, but here they are, with a shithead PM.

  12. But I thought we were supposed to move on from this because it’s unfair to hold people accountable after the fact, or some such bullshit.

    Blown away that this, of all things, is what might finally do him in. The latest in a succession of feckless, useless Tory PMs, and we’ll get another soon because for some reason a decade of stagnation, stagflation, ineptitude and casual racism is still somehow better than Labour who are a bit boring.

  13. I feel like one of the only people that doesn’t want him to resign because I think the opposition have more of a chance against him than anyone else. I’m thinking along the same lines as Trump losing out on a second term. I’d rather have an oaf than Priti Patel for example who could do some really serious damage given the chance.

  14. Whoever thought of the joke of putting him forward, and supported making him a candidate for PM needs a damn good spanking! You put the idiot in, and now you can’t get him out, no matter how many laws he breaks! And they thought even before he was mayor of London or PM he got unfair treatment by “Have I got news for you?” and other satires! Dear god he can hardly string a sentence together! I have a problem with my accent, and dialect, with the French, but they understand me better than Boris the Buffoon. He changes direction more often than the wind, moans about lack of support, crappy pay, etc. He betrays those who try to support him, so what does he expect. A reduced to clear Trump, with even worse hair! Whatever your opinions if it was a good or bad idea Brexit bolloxed, and still bringing more financial and administrative woes to the country by not keeping to his word, and signed agreements. Facepalm.

  15. anyone else wonder if PartyGate is a totally planned and scheduled exit strategy for Boris, so that he has a “respectable” reason to resign after Getting Brexit Done?

  16. I find it hard to understand people like this don’t even have an aide or something who tells them “really bad fucking idea sir”. So the reason people like him still make stupid, avoidable PR fuck ups like these are(in my view):

    – They tried to be sneaky but got caught
    – They genuinely don’t see how this would reflect poorly on them and are caught off guard by the backlash

    Either way they’re idiots.

  17. Laughs in Greek, where our PM left every Friday during lockdown (and almost every week for the last 2.5 years that he rules) to go on mini 3-day vacations!

  18. He always wanted to be the jester of her majesty but you took him for real, believed all his lies on the EU, voted for Brexit and elected him as your political leader.

  19. Here is my theory, and it is only a theory.

    The tories have had enough of Boris. 90% of the shit from covid and Brexit is all on him. It’s convenient how all these leaks about parties etc are coming to light now.

    I honestly think this is the tories tying everything up in a big package, tying it around his neck and chucking him to the fishes. All the scandal, cash for contracts, the failures during covid, the Brexit disaster, in the minds of the people it all goes with him.

    When even the right wing media have turned on him, this isn’t a scandal, it’s an orchestrated downfall.

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