New poll: How much Germans trust other countries

New poll: How much Germans trust other countries

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29 thoughts on “New poll: How much Germans trust other countries

  1. Bonus: Despite not trusting Russia, 60% of Germans want to follow through with Nord Stream 2 while 28% want to cancel it:

    The biggest proponents of the pipeline are voters of the right-wing AfD party, while a majority of Green party voters oppose it:


  2. Quite surpised with ukraine. I see so many russian bots on german youtube news channels that it seemed like 100% of the german population trusted russia. Still, quite surpised that germans trust ukraine and that the trust rating has risen by 5%

  3. Wow that is a BIG increase to USA. I wonder if it’s to do with Trump being out of office or if something else I haven’t heard of has been the major catalyst.

    Glad to see a high skepticism and caution about Russia and china though.

  4. Would be interesting to see how much Germans trust their other bordering neighbours Denmark, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, Switzerland, Czechia and Austria.

  5. I’m just wondering who Germany is trusting most in general. I’m thinking about the Netherlands, France, Austria, Spain, (Belgium ?), (Ireland?)

  6. Wow I didn’t knew German loved us so much, it has shaken many ideas towards them. I’ll give them more love then.

  7. Would be hard for me to answer this. How can you trust a country? Do we mean the political entities or the people?

  8. Served in Germany . Worked in Germany they are similar to the English . great for a laugh and out going historically even pulled jokes about the war . what I’m trying to say I trust German’s then any other nationality

  9. In case anyone is wondering about why these countries are on the list and others are not:

    [The pollsters made this choice]( because it is related to the recent foreign policy of the new German government.
    The first visits of the chancellor were to France, the EU and Poland, the foreign minister also visited the US and the UK. The tensions between Ukraine and Russia remain an issue as well as the ones between China and Taiwan.

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