Nature Now

There is a natural solution to the climate breakdown: protecting forests. Climate activist Greta Thunberg and writer and climate activist George Monbiot explain.

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This independent film was made possible with support from Conservation International, Gower St., The Food and Land Use Coalition and guidance from Nature4Climate and Natural Climate Solutions.

Narrated by Greta Thunberg & George Monboit

Directed by Tom Mustill
Producer: Andrea Walji
DOP & Offline Editor: Fergus Dingle
Sound Recordist: Ewan Dryburgh
Motion Graphics: Páraic Mc Gloughlin
Sound Designer & Audio Post: Tom Martin for Mcasso
Online Editor & Picture Post: Bram De Jonghe for Special Treats Productions
NCS Guidance: Charlotte Latimer
Music: Rone – “Motion” with kind permission of the artist InFiné & Warner Chappell Music

A Gripping Films Production


Author: Conservation International

24 thoughts on “Nature Now

  1. Be like Indians we have 17 Percent population and our carbon footprint is just 2percent this is the biggest biggest miracle on this planet. Be as efficient as indian population. Only others are fucki*ng this planet. We don't. Be like us or just give help to our country.
    Thank you

  2. Toned that little c down didnt they
    that nazi ball busting shit from last yr wasn't quite gettin it and when she said some people were going to get put on the wall….dumb bitch got carried away like Arnold S..they listen to plots to mass murder then are so stupid theyll say something about it in public…dont make the mistake of thinking these genociding sociopaths are anything but that

  3. We need a real debate about this as causing poverty due to climate allegations is not going to go through but the ecosystem can be controlled by tech as nothing is impossible.

    Phytoplankton is by far the most effective emitter of O2 in nature ( 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated so). Trees, I love trees and the more the better, are carbon neutral. They emit O2 during the day through photosynthesis but at night they emit CO2. They do not lock in carbon since trees die and they release all the carbon in their structure right back into the atmosphere. At night, since there is no sunshine, they also emit CO2. …….. Conclusion: These activists are CHARLATANS.

  5. bro wtf, why are people hating and making fun of this kind of video.Even tho Greta Thunberg is just a kid but shes talking about real problems.The machine "trees" is actully real you only need a seed (which cost very little)but ca literralt save a whole planet.I was so mad whiel reading the comments

  6. Questa qua solo perché dice quattro ovvietà sull'ecosistema e sulla
    cultura dello spreco viene ricevuta in pompa magna dai potenti e
    CRIMINALI TERRORISTI? Eh no qua l'emergenza è cerebrale… se
    continuiamo a permettere tutto questo alla fine ce lo meriteremo. SVEGLIA!

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