NATO war crimes : bombing of Serbia – 1999, 24 march

1999, 24 march, Nato bombed all Serbian cities. Thousands of people died included 700 children. Nato committed several war crimes.


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18 thoughts on “NATO war crimes : bombing of Serbia – 1999, 24 march

  1. Hello Sidney, in some video's I wrote that I do not attack the American people but the American government.
    I hope the America people rise up against the neocons and will make a real democratic system in the US.

  2. What is shown in this video is the 'tip of the ice berg'! The world cannot imagine what kind of persecution and hardships the Serbs have lived through the past 400 years or so. During the Turkish Ottoman Empire the Albanian minority who were Turkish allies were given the right to basically do whatever they please. They murdered, raped, stole and committed every crime of humanity. The stole live stock from Serbian farmers, they abducted women and girls. They murdered Serbs if they just felt like it and Turkish authorities encouraged this. Churches and monasteries were destroyed and sometimes their stone was used to build Mosques. British and French governments strongly supported the Ottoman Turks and their vassals the Albanians. They knew of what was being done to the Serb population as there were strong protests from Russia but this did not stop them. The Austro-Hungarians were supportive of the Serbs at first until the Ottoman Empire declined, later the Austro-Hungarians used the Albanians as a strategic ally in the Balkans striving for a stronger Albania and weaker and smaller Serbia. The Serbs enjoyed a couple of decades of peace between the 2 world wars and then later they enjoyed special privileges in Tito's communist Yugoslavia were Serbs were expelled from Kosovo Metohija and Albanians replaced them. Hundreds of years of persecution and today the Kosovo Albanians continue their old ways under the protectorate of the new occupier/invader the US government along with their allies. Like the occupiers before them Nazi Germany and Axis forces, the Ottoman Turks, the Albanians were quick to ally themselves and use their position to attack Serbs. When Tito won power in Yugoslavia they quickly ditched Hitler and Mussolini and swore alliance to Tito's communist Yugoslavia. The sad thing is that many Albanians have Serbian roots as many Serbs were forced to become Muslims in the Ottoman Empire and later when the Turks retreated they were Albanised. The Albanians are not just steeling our land but our history too. They were promised and offered this in the congress of Berlin in 1878 were history began to be re written to legitimize Albanian claims to Kosovo Metohija and territories of their neighbours. This plan can be seen in the Prizren League of 'Greater Albania'.

  3. Both sides did war crimes – The population suffers because of the greed of a few who are in power. You should not hate each other but love. Love is the solution. Realize that they used them so you can forgive and love – Hate and violence only create more hate and violence!

  4. Pero eso como se llama cono, enzima estan procesando todos los Serbios en TCde la Haya solo contra los Serbios y esos criminales que lo han hecho esos atrocidades tienen premio solo falta de Nobel para la paz , y son unos criminales de tipo Bin Laden y todos los que les apyan. QUE VERGUENZA DE LA UE , SHAME ON YOU FAKING KILLERS USA, UE Y UCK!

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