Mean and median wealth per adult in various European countries

Mean and median wealth per adult in various European countries

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28 thoughts on “Mean and median wealth per adult in various European countries

  1. Where is Japan and Korea and a few others? Is it not all countries?

    Sad that buying one apartment last year puts you above the mean instantly in Spain and probably any country.

    Homeownership should be a goal even if it leads to shorter term inequalities.

  2. I was wondering why this was in USD and not EUR,but then i noticed some non-european countries are also on the list.

  3. I can’t imagine living in India.I know that our countries have a lot of work to do but I’m grateful that I wasn’t born in countries like India or Bangladesh.

  4. TL;DR: Mostly post-colonial / WW2 deal beneficients (including Germany xD) are on top. Who would have thought…

  5. Wealth per adult is not a very useful measure. Most economists use income to learn about quality of life and real world outcomes. Wealth is hard to measure, is largely the result of speculation, and doesn’t reflect things like debt which are often good.

  6. When I see a graph like this, I see Belgium isn’t doing bad, but I feel like I am in the bottom 1%.

    How would that situation of being in the bottom 1% translate in countries with a worse Gini? Are there other factors or are these people just starving?

  7. It should be pointed out that wealth is a poor measurement of anything, and is also surprisingly hard to compare objectively. What influences it most is whether renting or owning your home is the more prevalent mode of living and how retirement funds are stored (a national fund vs. a private account).

    For the purposes of showing where people are more/less well-off, income corrected with purchasing power parity is a much better metric.

  8. Bruh from 24 down its sad. Shit that happened to Greece is sad too. Even sadder is you need 7 digit account to live comfortably nowadays. Czech Republic is worse than China. No wonders why they moved tge factories here. Seeing lots of buses full of Asian people in my town going to factories.

  9. Considering that Germany is one of the richest countries in the world… place 14 and these numbers show how bad it really is for the working class.

  10. It’s bizarre how incredibly similar France are to us on so many statistics I see, median wealth, economic output, population, military spending, soft power, triple accredited business schools, periodic table elements discovered. These are completely random things I happen to remember off the top of my head.

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