Map of nuclear bases in Europe

Map of nuclear bases in Europe

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15 thoughts on “Map of nuclear bases in Europe

  1. Yet, if you were to take the words of the many Russophiles that constantly pop up in the comment section with no sources and plenty of allegations in this subreddit, you’d think those nuclear sites in Russia’s border were all NATO’s.

  2. Why are the storage locations shown?! Is it because they uave launch capabilities or is it because it fills the map?!

  3. Just checking… Is this some kind of an out of season April Fool’s joke?

    Because why would they be putting their nuclear strike and even storages so close to our borders?

    Is this the reason why they threaten us with “200 million dead Europes”?

  4. No, we definitively have nothing in Belgium. The map is totally false as no Belgian politician ever acknowledged the presence of Nukes in klein-Bruegel. /s

  5. Now I understand Russia’s concerns.

    NATO puts its nukes any closer, and both sides’ nukes will collide during the ascent stage in case they are ever used.

  6. Just to clarify, when France rejoined NATO’s Military Command Structure in 2009, this was done under several conditions, and one of them is that France will retain full independence and control over its own nuclear arsenal.

    So the nuclear bases in France are not NATO bases, they are French bases.

  7. France is not in the nuclear group plan though it is a member of integrate command of nato. Their nuclear base shouldn’t be integrated at this map even if I understand very well why it is

  8. did I miss anything or Italy, Belgium and Turkey became nuclear powers?? Officially there are no nukes in those locations and even if there were any they would be US nukes (not NATO). Nato’s forces are few AWACs and that’s it! Nato is an alliance of national armies

  9. The French ones are out of date. Neither Luxeuil or Istres are nuclear air bases anymore and the one that replaced them, St Dizer, is missing. I’d also question whether what I guess is Spangdahlem in Germany is currently a nuclear base.

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