Liz Truss “willing” to override Northern Ireland-part of Brexit deal

Liz Truss “willing” to override Northern Ireland-part of Brexit deal

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9 thoughts on “Liz Truss “willing” to override Northern Ireland-part of Brexit deal

  1. Yeah, there is no such thing as overriding northern Ireland part of the brexit deal. With the NIP goes the TCA. The NIP is a precondition to the TCA.

  2. If the UK abrogates the Brexit Treaty it made with the EU how will that help it with other trade treaties going forward?

  3. It’s all already just TOO LATE.

    Why bother continuing this fight, just deal with it for maybe another twelve months.

    Sinn Fein already holds the most seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly. 2022, or preferably 2023 will be a great time for independence votes for NI and Scotland. Get rid of the border checks in NI, and just have border checks in Scotland, instead! Save everyone the trouble.

    Reunification is going to happen, and soon.

  4. I was worried because clearly, D. Frost was losing punch in the role of Brexit Minister and the new season was not on good track to be entertaining but this climax before Christmas and the teasing of this new season with a direct article 16 threat seems really nice.

    Thank you miss Truss. We are expecting a lot from you.

  5. How she still has a job is beyond-oh no, wait she’s a moron ideologue who can be trusted to parrot the party line. Like most of the cabinet of late.

    Fucking embarrassing.

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