Lack of English speakers embarrasses Czech coalition | Czech Republic

Lack of English speakers embarrasses Czech coalition | Czech Republic

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16 thoughts on “Lack of English speakers embarrasses Czech coalition | Czech Republic

  1. As a non-European, I wasn’t aware of this anglophonic shame and I might have assumed an abundance of translators in Brussels (or in Prague as well in this case) to address such issues. That strikes me as quite normal solution. However, English fluency is presumptively preferable.

    This is not directly related but I recently heard from an Austrian friend that some German citizens are a little embarrassed of Annalena Baerbock’s command of English due to her position as Bundesministerin des Auswärtigen (Foreign Minister). I’ve listened to one of her public statements given in English; while it sounded practiced it didn’t seem nearly as bad as some other examples (Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan, for all his other abilities, comes to mind).

  2. To be fair, nobody should be embarassed by not speaking a different country’s language. Even if it is expected.

    Before the internet or the vast English series there was no need to know a different language. Even if it is considered well-educated. That’s why there are interpretors/translators…

    If I knew Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Swahili but no English, would I be considered less educated than somone maybe being born in an anglophile country?

    And don’t let me go on about pron~~o~~unciation. English people couldn’t say a Polish, Italian, Czech name correctly even if they tried for 20years…

    So. No need to blame either side. People are people.

  3. I think not knowing what our highest mountain is (current Minister of Regional Development) or how many zeroes there are in 500 billion (Minister of finance) is far more embarrassing.

  4. Guys just learn polish and then during negotiations with czechs you will realize how hilarious their language is.

  5. That’s super embarrassing. All internationally involved politicians should be able to communicate in the current lingua franca.

  6. This is pretty ridiculous, I don’t speak Czech, why would I? The reverse criticism seems harsh. I get that English is the Lingua Franca, but even so, I’ve spent the last year and a half learning Spanish little by little, and even an “easy” language isn’t easy to be fluent in if you’re busy.

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