Karl Marx Hof, Wien

Karl Marx Hof, Wien

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  1. Went on a cross-city stroll with colleagues last fall. We encountered this massive apartment complex, and it captured my attention. So I decided to revisit on a later morning (I apologize for the lighting). As imposing as the structure may seem, this photo doesn’t quite capture its true scale. KMH is over a kilometer in length and may very well have been the largest residential complex in the world at the time of its opening in 1930. I unfortunately don’t have much knowledge in addition to this, although, as the name itself may suggest, it was occupied by workers in the early 20th century. It was the site of brief fighting during the Austrian Civil War which occurred in February 1934. Walking through the courtyards, which were spacious and green, however, was quite pleasant. KMH looks like as nice of a place to live as any in Vienna.

  2. Between 1919 and 1934, Vienna had only social-democratic mayors and after WW2 an until now. In fact, the only time when the city did not had a social-democrat as mayor, was during the austro-fascist period. This is why Vienna was called Rotes Wien. Social-democrats embarked on an extensive reform programs. The Karl Marx Hof was actually part of a building spree that finished with over 50.000 apartments built.

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