Jen Psaki joined by Jake Sullivan at US press briefing after Joe Biden Putin phonecall – watch live

US press secretary Jen Psaki is expected to hold a White House briefing joined by advisor Jake Sullivan to discuss the phone call betweenJoe Biden and Vladimir Putin.


Author: Guardian News

26 thoughts on “Jen Psaki joined by Jake Sullivan at US press briefing after Joe Biden Putin phonecall – watch live

  1. Typical bs. First they said Russia is planning invasion into Ukraine without any evidence for it, and now they are giving out more bs that they have said this and the other to the evil Putin… blah blah blah… the us have colonised Ukraine but they still want Russian Crimea. Why don't they stick to their continent. Otherwise they are risking yet another embarrassing evacuation, like that from Afghanistan.

  2. The reason why the USA is against the north stream is because they want to prevent its competitors from having access to cheap gas. And the competitors are – EU countries and Germany in particular. The rest is just BS to mislead the public.

  3. If Biden wants to make firm his legacy, let him work to establish a new security agreement between the US and Russia for Eastern Europe, one that ensures security for all concerned parties.

  4. How about minding your own business for once? Your war ministry aka dept of defence is at war every year, not on your soil or affair. Or you do consider the world as yours? The empire strikes again, you are making all of us sick you bullies

  5. Time will tell how bad Biden’s administration has been to completely destroying this country and it will show that he was the cause of America’s downfall

  6. Again the SYSTEM does not want any alternarive to the system in place, captitalism and big business. Forget the small picture, this what killed people in Vietnam on both sides, this is why Cuba and Venazueala are blaclisted, they have slternative systems. THE MEDIA OWNS YOU

  7. This is crazy. I don't blame Russia for not wanting Ukraine to be part of NATO. If Ukraine does join NATO then there is no difference between cornering a wild animal Russia being that wild animal. Kind of like the Cuba missile crisis. We did not like it why would they. Two wrongs don't make a right.

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