Ireland Implements Minimum Unit Pricing For Alcohol

Ireland Implements Minimum Unit Pricing For Alcohol

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8 thoughts on “Ireland Implements Minimum Unit Pricing For Alcohol

  1. I wonder if it’s possible to sell drinks with the ethanol removed and then just drive to Northern Ireland for pure ethanol and a set of measuring cups to add it.

  2. Gonna guess this only reduces alcohol consumption among people who don’t actually have a drinking problem

  3. It is important to realize this is a reflection of the leaders as usual, believing they can put one over one the citizens.

    If they wish to reduce the consumption of alcohol. then raise the taxes.

    Putting minimum prices in place is a gift to the monopolies that have been allocated the “right” to sell alcohol retail. It certainly raises profits for those monopolies.

    So using the nominal reasonable goal of reducing overall alcohol consumption, or obtaining taxes from alcohol sales so that the costs to the public health of alcohol use are compensated is tossed out – and instead the nominal goal of reducing alcohol consumption is used to raise the cash going to the superrich who own the alcohol retail monopolies.

  4. This is terrible for the prospects of a future united Ireland. It’s not that Northern Ireland won’t want to join, but that the Republic of Ireland won’t want to lose the cheaper prices currently in NI.

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