INSANITY! John Kerry, the U.S. special envoy for climate change, called fossil f…

John Kerry, the U.S. special envoy for climate change, called fossil fuel subsidies the “definition of insanity” at the U.N. Climate Summit. Nearly 200 nations trying to come to an agreement that averts the worst impacts of climate change…not to stop it or reverse it, mind you…just to tamper the WORST impact of the horrors ahead of us.
But Big Coal & Oil have a stronghold on the world’s politicians. The U.N. Development Program calculated that the world spends $423 billion subsidizing gas, oil and coal. (freaking free money to the richest companies in the world.) This is about 4 times the amount it would take to help poor countries deal with climate change, which would make a huge difference in the state of the world to come, to say nothing of helping people and do something to ameliorate what we have caused. Think of what we could do with the rest of the subsidies to prepare for the future here at home.
Fossil fuels are the number 1 threat to humankind. The U.S. is 2nd only to China global CO2 emissions. It’s imperative we switch to renewables as soon as possible. No more subsidies for the biggest companies in the world.
Vote Blue as they are the only ones trying to save the planet. Plan now. Be informed, but consider your sources. Be involved if you can. If enough of us rally, we can save the future. Because, John Kerry called it—fossil fuel subsidies are “insanity.” @blueravenartist #blueravenartist #blueravenpolitical
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Author: Academy for Liberty Deutschland

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