Ikea slashes sick leave pay for unvaccinated UK staff

Ikea slashes sick leave pay for unvaccinated UK staff

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8 thoughts on “Ikea slashes sick leave pay for unvaccinated UK staff

  1. Oh … I probably shouldn’t be amused… but ..

    And hold that headline which is rather misleading. Reading it, they are not reducing pay for those *ill* with COVID but for those that have to isolate after contact *because* the unvaccinated still have to do that? So refusing to keep paying them for repeated time off they wouldn’t have if they were vaccinated and have basically chosen to have.

  2. This is only for workers who have to isolate as a close contact, not those who contracted COVID-19 themselves. Since they themselves are not actually sick, it’s entirely up to their employer whether they get to claim sick pay when they’re not sick.

    Ikea goes over and above the minimum requirements for staff sick pay, they are withdrawing that additional support for those who choose not to vaccinate.

  3. Hmmm, interesting take on things. It seems to discriminate based on medical history though which I assume is illegal.

  4. Notably you don’t have to isolate in UK if notified about a possible contact as long as you are fully (currently double) vaccinated. Unless you have symptoms OR test positive. This was the rule last time I got contacted Dec 2021).

    So IKEA is not necessarily being as aggressive as some might think, IKEA could argue why should they pay because you made a choice.

  5. So the result is that you either a) lie that you weren’t pinged and go to work, or b) lie that you have symptoms when you don’t

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