How Russia’s Military Is Positioned to Threaten Ukraine

How Russia’s Military Is Positioned to Threaten Ukraine

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37 thoughts on “How Russia’s Military Is Positioned to Threaten Ukraine

  1. Ukraine: *exists*

    Putin: “Target the Reavers… Target the Reavers! TARGET EVERYTHING, SOMEBODY FIRE!”

    But on a serious note, can’t say that doesn’t look very worrisome.

  2. Can’t ever be safe around Putin.
    I really hope Biden will uphold the promises
    He made to the bread basket of Europe

  3. It looks like they are waiting for the right moment. Let’s hope Europe isn’t completely declawed and will defend Ukraine if Russia decides to invade.

  4. Damn if only some major event would happen that would force Russia to redirect it’s forces elsewhere to contain it


  5. It’s like a game of Civ when the AI accuses you that your troops are too close of their boarder and you just lie and say ‘oh just passing by’.

  6. Do you know what is most interesting? If a war will start, then I and a million young guys aged 18-21 will be sent to kill Ukrainian brothers. Can I refuse? Yes. But at best I will be sent to jail…
    I hope this does not happen, and this is just a provocation.

  7. There are also troops in transnistria. Transnistria is not recognized internationally. It’s basicly in north moldova on the other side of a river.

    It’s a steched area between moldova and Ukraine and heavily leaning towards Russia. They definitely have already troops there.

  8. Remember about a week ago China, France, Russia, the UK and the US issued [a joint statement]( that a nuclear war “cannot be won and must never be fought”?

    If I were prone to conspiracy theories, I’d think that they know the war is going to happen and just agreed to keep it conventional, no nukes. Basically setting the rules for the fight coming soon.

  9. OP forgot that “rogue” 14th russian army lurking in its own invented country called Transnistria on a strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine

  10. The real question if why Russian would want a little terrain more, if it’s already giant.
    Why risk it the consequences for so little?

  11. Don’t worry our central European friends make sure Russia has money to pay their soldiers with European gas dependency. EU at best can send them note they are “disturbed by this news”.

  12. Just wonder … What country like Russia would like to invade Ukraine for ?

    I know nothing about politics and economy, and just wondering:
    is it for more area (Russia is big enough)
    is it for economic purposes (some rich minerals in ukrain)
    is it for area and ppl – more income of taxes
    is it just because it’s still back in a past country and they just want to show off power and just to invade other guys from time to time ?

  13. Luckily Europe, especially Germany, is making sure most of their energy is going to come straight from Russia as their main provider with Nordstream 2 so they definitely will never have any conflicts of interest!

  14. If a war with Russia goes hot and Western nations aid in pushing them back, I hope we significantly expand the borders of all former USSR states in the area to the east.

    Russia needs to be punished if they dare to invade Ukraine again.

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