Greta Thunbergs Toolkit: Globale Verschwörung zur Diffamierung Indiens aufgedeckt? | Indien zuerst

Die Polizei von Delhi stellte klar, dass die Klimaaktivistin Greta Thunberg in der FIR nicht genannt wurde, und fügte hinzu, dass nur gegen die Schöpfer des “Toolkits” Klage eingereicht wurde. Der 18-jährige Klimaaktivist hatte ein „Toolkit“ geteilt, um den Menschen zu helfen, den Protest der Bauern an der Grenze zu Delhi seit über zwei Monaten zu unterstützen. Greta löschte den Tweet jedoch später. Das „Toolkit“, das Greta Thunberg veröffentlichte, enthielt Informationen zur Unterstützung der Landwirte am Tag der Republik. Sie löschte den Toolkit-Beitrag, sagte, er sei “veraltet” und teilte später einen aktualisierten Beitrag. #IndiaFirst #GretaThunberg Abonnieren Sie India Today für JEDEN TAG NEUE VIDEOS und aktivieren Sie Push-Benachrichtigungen, damit Sie kein neues Video verpassen. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist das GLOCKEN-SYMBOL neben dem Abonnieren-Button zu DRÜCKEN! India Today TV ist Indiens führender englischer Nachrichtensender. Der YouTube-Kanal von India Today bietet neueste Nachrichtenvideos zu Politik, Wirtschaft, Cricket, Bollywood, Lifestyle, Auto, Technologie, Reisen, Unterhaltung und vielem mehr. Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden für neueste Updates und eingehende Analysen von Nachrichten aus Indien und der ganzen Welt! Folgen Sie uns: Offizielle Website: Twitter: Facebook: Telegramm: .


Author: India Today

32 thoughts on “Greta Thunbergs Toolkit: Globale Verschwörung zur Diffamierung Indiens aufgedeckt? | Indien zuerst

  1. Why an environmental activist is supporting the farmers' demands like "stubble burning"?
    The illegal burning of crop stubble is one of the biggest causes of the record-breaking air pollution in Delhi.

  2. Forget the tweet by her. Too much huffer buffer over nothing. She doesn't even know capital of india and her team of account managers might be maintaining the social accounts.

  3. If Aadil Singh Boparai spoke about farmer's rights, he is the one people should be listening to. His intelligence is orders of magnitude above the host of this 'news' broadcast. Same applies to the ladies I heard speak.

  4. Greta Thunberg is speaking without any understanding of the farmers' issues. The new farm laws in India are brought to change the life of farmers for good and save them from brokers who eat large commissions in between.

    The protests are being led by brokers in the guise of farmers and are supported by Khalistani separatists supported by Pakistani ISI and other radical ISSLAMIST GROUPS. its a conspiracy. Farmers have been committing suicides and the new bill seeks to improve their status with huge emphasis on Agricultural infrastructure, Cold storage and logistical facilities.

    Read the Indian farm law bill before jumping the gun.

  5. What do all these sponsored protesters have in common.

    They are all backed by pseudo psychology and big pharma somewhere in their mix.

    In short check how obvious this agendas been.

    She has done nothing but skip school, use climate as an excuse to escape social issues, get rewarded for her bad behavior by people who saw a useful frame tool.

    This is disgusting.

    This is not what deserved a Nobel Peace prize

    This did nothing but get kids to drop out and throw their lives away.

    She gets awarded for something we all debate openly

  6. Facebook, whatsapp, Reddit and Twitter at minimum must be shut out of India at least until the 2024 elections are over. Shaheen Bagh, "farmer protest", Bengaluru riots, are just tame trailers of the countrywide mayhem that is being planned just like the Black Lives Matter and Antifa unrest that was unleashed before the US elections. Even though we may not be able to prevent mass violence all over India in the run up to 2024, we can reduce it considerably by taking away the our enemies' top means of communicating and organizing. If the govt doesn't do this quickly and ruthlessly, it will be in criminal violation of its duty to Indians.

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