Greta Thunberg ‘must have a terrific sense of humour’ after Vogue appearance

Sky News host Rowan Dean says environmental activist Greta Thunberg “must have a terrific sense of humour” after appearing in Vogue Scandinavia to condemn the fashion industry.

“Ms Thunberg highlighted the detrimental impacts of fast fashion on the environment in the Vogue profile, and called out the industry for ‘greenwashing’,” Mr Dean said.

“Now she’s coming out and attacking the very people who are lauding her, she did that at the World Economic Forum as well.

“She told them they’re the baddies, now she’s telling Vogue you’re the baddies, you’re doing a bad job.

“At least she’s true to her convictions, good on her, she’s not a hypocrite.”


Author: Sky News Australia

38 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg ‘must have a terrific sense of humour’ after Vogue appearance

  1. Hmm., I wonder who's the real racist in that video recording, the one who shouted "Dinger! Dinger!" or the one who hears "" while looking at an African-American. You see, I can even write the word, as I'm afraid that my account could be deleted by YouTube. We're living in fear and totalitarianism here!

  2. Can't help but notice that the Latin word for 'black' has become such a shocking 'racial slur', while the Scottish word for 'black' is used by black people themselves. Black is black, doesn't make any difference what language one speaks. How silly.

  3. Poor little twit.
    Grimace Iceberg will be forevermore type cast as a disgruntled fear monger alot like our American fear mongers.
    Sharpton. Waters. Omar. (Blah,blah,blah)
    recalling one of Icebergs expletives she gave in Milan recently.

  4. When Greta starts wearing a Mao shirt like Xi Jinping, then she will show the fashion industry. Otherwise, virtue signaling. Remember instead of taking a jet to the US, she took a yacht to save carbon. Several crew members flew to NY to bring the yacht back. How was this carbon neutral? Because the GT cabal said it was carbon neutral – virtue signaling trumps carbon neutrality. GT missed too much school to do the math herself, so she gets a pass.

  5. Racism creation. In a free society if an item is highly valued, like racism in the US, market forces create a demand for this racism. If there is not enough racism supply, then individuals or groups like progressives and mainstream media will seek to gather the resources (Capitol and labor) to manufacture this racism supply to meet the demand. The more the demand, the higher the price the manufacturer can ask for their racism. That is why much more racism is manufactured today, like Tawana Browley, Jesse Smollett, Asian Attacks, etc. Al Sharpton could never find a job that pays as much as his mid 6-figure income, if racism was on the decline, so Al looks to "manufactured" racism to keep his current lifestyle. This is good for news stories on the mainstream also, as their manufactured racism stories generate much attention and ad revenue, even when known to be false before they report it. Everybody makes money.

  6. The best thing to do is to give fans a paddle sign, so that the message doesn't get confused. Come to think of it maybe give the fans a bell to get the team's mascot attention as well.

  7. All over the world it will stay as it was falsely heard! Your news report won't change a thing because this racist thing is pushed by the lefts, Democrats, socialist. The anouncer should have ke po this mouth shut till they found out for sure!

  8. Ppl hear what they want to hear or worse think themself… many maaaannny. .. maaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyy…. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnny exampels out there.. an ppl got hurt 4 it

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