Greta Thunberg Lashes Out in Epic Rant Against Leaders on Her Side | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Greta Thunberg’s unhinged attack on global leaders, Stephen Colbert stooping to new unfunny lows, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar demanding that unvaccinated NBA players like Jonathan Isaac be fired, and Nancy Pelosi’s Freudian slip about the Biden administration. First, Dave shares a clip from the Youth4Climate summit of Greta Thunberg’s attack on world leaders’ plan to fight climate change. World leader’s talk of creating a green economy or plans for net zero were all denounced with a childish “blah blah blah” from Greta. Her plan to address the climate crisis seemed to be simply chanting “climate justice”. Next, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert reached new propaganda-like lows. Dave shares a painfully unfunny costumed dance routine devoted to the COVID vaccine. Meanwhile Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo make the case why it’s impossible for them to make false claims on air due to “news accountability”. In an interview with Don Lemon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar called for the firing of any NBA players who are unvaccinated despite there being no NBA vaccine requirements or vaccine mandate. Finally, Dave shares a clip of Nancy Pelosi accidentally implying that Barack Obama is actually the president.


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47 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg Lashes Out in Epic Rant Against Leaders on Her Side | Direct Message | Rubin Report

  1. Dude, seriously, energy is a constant. E = mc^2. We can have more efficient forms of energy but energy is still energy. And yes, the processes needed to create the final product are part of the equation.

  2. All the NBA players are all sellouts I lost respect for all of them except for the ones that are standing their ground and believe in the freedom of choice.

  3. F Biden F vaccines no one should be forced to do something that they do not believe in or want and considering the risk it should be a choice.

  4. l think Rubin refers to the widening of her eyes when she turns her head to start a new sentence. That's not anger, it's excitement. She's delivering a speech to an approving audience – she's enjoying her mission.

  5. . . Corrupt corporate agendas (global warming aka climate change) gain traction through funding of educational institutions and continuous coverage in agenda driven corporate media. Corporate media says nothing when NASA records indicate no increase in mean global temperatures since the 1990's. We are in a cooling trend currently — while corporate funded education will hide this fact and push it's corporate agenda and eugenics based philosophies . .

    Your carbon footprint is a scam — we are carbon-based life forms . . as is all of life on Earth — 400 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is in reality a very small percentage and cannot begin to generate a greenhouse warming effect until increased at least 25 to 50 times the current percentage. This fraud has been proven many times — however . . Americans only need hear something about 500 times, and they'll readily sign on to anything . . as the names of scientists are included in the celebrated document against their will, who then ask for their names to be removed without success — as we are told that 97% of scientists agree . . suppressing knowledge of much warmer periods in the past – such as the medieval period that was warmer by several degrees than at any time in the past hundred years – during which there was no coastal flooding from rising sea levels that did not occur . .

    Solar physicists are completely ignored as they tell us that the various solar cycles closely match the rise and fall of mean global temperatures for as long as records have been taken . . this confirmed by ice cores taken from polar regions which reveal that changes in CO2 levels follow — not precede — changes in temperature, while an 8th grade science class understands that an increase in temperature will release more dissolved gases and more CO2 from solution. Photosynthesis requires CO2, by which almost all of life receives energy from the sun, directly and through the food chain. Likewise, we cannot transport and assimilate oxygen without CO2 in the atmosphere. Thousands of times more toxic particulates, including dioxins that are extremely detrimental to the environment, are expelled today by Chinese coal fired plants that are not regulated – yet receive no attention from those who wear their concern on their sleeves for the politics that must always be involved. Particulates are pollution but not CO2.

    Bury the politics and become a human being – if you wish – capable of retaining one's own ability to understand. The individual perspective is the focus of power by which no person can be set against another with false or self-serving interpretations from another outside of ourselves.

  6. Gutfeld said it best about Colbert's hypodermic hype show: "A bunch of needles and a prick." All the MSM late night hosts are boring clones reading from same teleprompter.

  7. Believe it, or not…. there are a lot worse ones out there than this abused girl. In Norway, we have (cult leader) Gunhild Stordalen. The EAT foundation has targeted to change the way all humanity gets their nourishment, in the name of the green deal. Gunhild, simply knows better than us all. And she sees herself as our (spoiled) feminist messiah

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