Greta Thunberg Incorporated: The Exposé

Keean Bexte of Rebel News travels to Stockholm to investigate Greta Thunberg’s origins and speak with Greta herself.

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Author: Rebel News

49 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg Incorporated: The Exposé

  1. All of you in the Media must STOP promoting her to the world as a creditable person or speaker she is not real or genuine. Her cause is not of God but expresses lies and deceit of the Devil. Her out spokenness against the truth is harming many of our youths bringing them to despair, hatred of the world without hope. It is an in justice and an insult to God for anyone to endorse her campaign. STAND DOWN

  2. This is honestly pretty bad journalism. Her parents are well known celebrities in Sweden and people know that they are mega rich. It’s not about who’s the underdog or not and it’s not about Greta as a person either. The only important thing is the climate.

    I think it’s very stupid to try to stop a movement like this even if you disagree with it. I might not like Antifa but I feel like people’s lives are more important than some stupid political movement in a foreign country.

    Honestly really disappointed with people who have such a huge problem with their political counterparts that they even pull things like the environment into the mixture. Please just do better.

  3. Antifa… can we even be sure that THEY are for real? With "The Rainbow Gatherings" funded by "the Green Bilderberg", as they call themselves, with Michael Moore producing 9/11 vids without WTC7 and his latest pro-fossile fuel mockumentary. Dare I mention Alex Jones? With all the astroturfing we are seeing out there, I am not sure about Antifa being a genuine thing at all. Could be a case of 1 corporate plant in a large genuine group, but always the one with the means.. Could be a bunch of plants, leading thousands of genuine people. I don't presume to know. But, if Greta is corporate fake left, could Antifa not be so as well? Controlled Opposition is a very powerful tool.

  4. How can someone that tells the world what to do have the audacity to openly say she doesn't have to answer questions or give interviews. Uber alles I guess?

  5. Scientists: "Climate Change is largely man made and will lead to unfathomable economic and social harm if we don`t fight it." Greta: "Listen to the scientists" Keean: "the world demands to know who is paying your security guards!" I don´t f***ing get it…

  6. wow,one of the most brave canadien reporter ever,thanks to rebel news,here in quebec where im born,when politiciens get in troubles,they go on french defences because 80
    % of real news on internet are in englis, to keep them in ignorance and to belive that the west canada is agains thems,so most of theme fight de rong cause,divise and conquire should be teache to a early age here,thanks for what you guys are doings.

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