Greta Thunberg erfährt die Wahrheit über ihre Bewegung

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Author: Scott's Sovereignty

11 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg erfährt die Wahrheit über ihre Bewegung

  1. Not her fault in the brainwashing her own environment did to her. It's also happening to our kids, and has been well before AL Gore produced "an inconvenient truth".
    It has become clear to the grownups that this was all a sham to create a power and money grab of unequaled proportions, in order to turtle the one world order. Oh stop rolling your eye's, it's been said as much in numerous speeches of late.
    I totally believe in climate change and I believe that mankind has a role in it, however, the role we play is so insignificant that even if we went to net zero carbon the earth would continue it's cycle. That cycle has been going on since the formation of our earth. Proof is in the discoveries, almost daily, of life that was incapsulated by glaciers. One only has to ask the simple question of how that happened and scientists will gleefully tell you of the "mini iceage". Okay, so is it possible the earth is trying to get back to normal? Well, what is normal for earth? We don't know because we don't have all the science in to let us know what is normal. My belief is simply that the earth wobbles around it's orbit with the sun, gets a little off kilter, then wobbles itself back in at a slightly different orbit and so on and so on.

  2. It's always sad when I witness a child having their hopes and dreams crushed by reality. I hope she recovers better than the ADULTS I hear about on twitter when reality hits them full on.

  3. she's the equivalent of a politician. She's probably amongst the least green humans on the planet ! Once people like her get used to nice hotels and upgraded class on airplanes.. they just say whatever they can to ride it out. She also doesn't give any actual direction on how to solve anything.

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