Gravitas: Putin's ultimatum for Joe Biden

President Vladimir Putin is seeking security guarantees from the West in exchange for pulling back from Ukraine. Will Joe Biden agree to halt NATO’s eastward expansion? Or will he push ahead with sanctions? Palki Shama tells you.

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Author: WION

31 thoughts on “Gravitas: Putin's ultimatum for Joe Biden

  1. Fair enough for what Putin wants, why NATO is surrounding Russia with military bases. Take a look at Ukrainian president’s background, explains a lot.

  2. It's very funny to watch you being deceived))) Putin's ultimatum is a direct threat to America that America would remove its troops from eastern Europe, and America has a deadline of January 14. After the deadline expires, Russia will use military force against America. And they tell you fairy tales here, you are on the verge of destruction.

  3. Not sure Ukraine wants to "ally with the west" many Ukrainians feel as if they were Russian. A referendum is needed but that will never happen because neither putin nor bidden will allow it. Democracy is dead!

  4. Lol it is not a stalemate Ukraine is a part of Russia. Russia is a technological superpower. The west can only sit on the sidelines and whine. Anything other than that is nuclear war and the end of life.

  5. Çry cry cry! They do as they please because they gain strength through investing and protecting their allies unlike you who let their partners get bombed, invaded and assassinated. So weak!

  6. The creep and his creep show😳😳😳😳That creep made me buy a electric car. Sure i didnt want love saving all that MONEY.
    I still have my diesel truck since fuel prices doubled. Bought a ev now i save money and have a new toy. Way better than giving it to the creep show. And going from diesel to electric is easy transition. Regen braking is like having control of 4 different ebrakes just like a commercial diesel.
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    The creep is a puppet the creep show runs it.

  7. Why is it that every media outlet seems to be pretending that the US has a history of lying to Russia in the past, regarding this exact same issue ?? And people blame Russia for not trusting Muricans.

  8. If this is what Russia is demanding and US has agreed atleast to negotiate…then there is no doubt that US has started to compromise on various issues which few decades ago was unthinkable for US. USA is at backfoot here. We are very close to the news of a regime change in Ukraine and this time a Russian friendly govt. The puppet govt in Ukraine now has its days numbered.

  9. I think the news agency has completely failed to realise the situation on ground and what is actually going on between Russia and Usa. It is better just to report the news….leave the conclusion to audience. Since u r totally confused in the conclusion.

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