German SPD official defends pro-Nord Stream 2 policy

German SPD official defends pro-Nord Stream 2 policy

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15 thoughts on “German SPD official defends pro-Nord Stream 2 policy

  1. You guys realize that we aren’t buying more gas than before? Gas consumption in Germany has remained completely stagnant over the last decade. It just goes around Ukraine and Poland, which boosts our energy security/independence by going around unstable Eastern European nations. Really don’t get why Germany gets shit on so hard here, most countries have a similar strategy, but for some reason Germany MUST remain dependent on random Eastern European nations, so when they have their tussle with Russia, we get fucked too.

    Which other nation would be ok with this situation?

  2. I always chuckle over the successful framing of how 10% of europes energy is Russian gas makes Europe dependent on them but 50% of the entire Russias state budged relying on energy export which Europe is by far the biggest share of somehow is them not being dependent

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