French Elabe Poll on percieved advantages vs disadvantages of EU membership for France

French Elabe Poll on percieved advantages vs disadvantages of EU membership for France

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17 thoughts on “French Elabe Poll on percieved advantages vs disadvantages of EU membership for France

  1. These data mean that if there were a referendum today, at most 33% would vote for Frexit, because neutral voters default to stability.

  2. I just don’t get it are 33% of french people dumb? France is the country which has the most to gain from EU. Fkn hell

  3. To all those EU haters and Frexit supporters, explain to me what is france alone? What is any country in Europe alone? Can any country genuinely say that they can stand toe to toe against superpowers such as China, USA, Russia? Can any country in Europe singel handedly resist from falling to US, Russian or Chinese influence?

    What will happen to a Europe without EU? Answer: France and Germany find them selves on opposite sides, Turkeys influence grows in the balcans and Bulgaria, Russia gobbles up the Baltic states, ukraine, Poland. Southern European states (Spain, Italy and Greece fall into another economical crisis.

  4. One advantage an independent France would have it’s that it can strike a great free trade deal with one of it’s neighbours without EU interference.

  5. France would have voted for Frexit if they were given the chance. The only difference between them and us lot here were that we got given the chance.

    Macron himself suggests it was likely to happen. [Here]( and given that France often appears on polls as one of the most euroskeptic nations, I honestly believe they would have done it too, with an equally slim margin like here.

  6. Shoutout to the 1% beeing honest about not knowing the intricate pros and cons of a multinational partnership for their country.

  7. The EU is a dead end project for France. Anyone with two braincells can see it. Scandinavia and the Netherlands will follow Germany unconditionally and more often than not clash with French ideals. The newly added countries in Central and Eastern Europe likewise always look to Germany, and once they become more relevant economically it’s game over for France. It’s rather natural, France has no reason to look towards Northern and Eastern Europe.

  8. I have a renewed respect for the French, not because they’re skeptic, but because they have some doubts about the union despite the intrusive EU propaganda everywhere.

  9. Even if you disagree with European policies, you have to be a special kind of idiot to think that the EU membership didn’t benefit to France more than the opposite.

    I can perfectly understand people who are against the EU because they disagree with the politics. At least they are consistent, maybe they even have good points.

    But thinking that the EU membership represents at least as many disadvantages as advantages requires both complete ignorance of the last decades and being bold enough to not realize that ignorance.

  10. Euroskepticism is a disease that will rob Europe of any political or economic power is has left on the world stage.

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