Everything Wrong with Greta Thunberg! | Louder with Crowder

Steven Crowder delves into everything wrong with and about Greta Thunberg, and how she’s been shoved into the spotlight to be exploited.

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Author: StevenCrowder

37 thoughts on “Everything Wrong with Greta Thunberg! | Louder with Crowder

  1. Im diagnosed with OCD. Greta should NOT be in the spotlight. OCD is not reasonable. She needs help, not this. Ive been in a very similar situation in how my OCD was acting. I know she needs help.

  2. You had 15 minutes of my attention to contradict any of the political and economic points Greta has made. Instead you edited this 15 min video to only talk about her disabilities and celebrityism. Neat, what a waste of breath.

  3. On behalf of my country.. I am SO sorry.. We've been too secure for to long.. Its so long ago any REAL hardships were experienced, and people has simply gotten too full of themselves.

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  5. Her parents groomed her for this…

    It's blatantly obvious if you read any of her backstory…

    It's disgusting, it was child abuse, and she will have problems when she gets tossed away from the narrative…

  6. As someone with aspergers and OCD, depression, eating disorders, etc. I couldn’t agree more with you. We need to fucking stop this absurd treatment based on neurodivergence/mental illness, we are creating nothing but weakness and victim mentality.

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