Djokovic pictured maskless at public event one day after positive Covid test | Novak Djokovic

Djokovic pictured maskless at public event one day after positive Covid test | Novak Djokovic

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38 thoughts on “Djokovic pictured maskless at public event one day after positive Covid test | Novak Djokovic

  1. Djokovic traveled to Australia, claiming to have an exemption from the state of Victoria. The more facts we learn, the worse he looks. His lawyers claim in a court filing that Djokovic is entitled to an exemption because he contracted covid-19 on Dec. 16, but, as tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg points out, he was required by Tennis Australia to apply for an exemption no later than Dec. 10.

    Wait. It gets worse. On Dec. 17, the day after his purported positive test, Djokovic attended an awards ceremony with children at the Novak Tennis Center and posted multiple pictures online showing him maskless, surrounded by kids. On Dec. 18, pictures were posted of Djokovic playing indoor basketball with friends — also maskless.

  2. No guys, this is proof he lied. How convenient is it as an antivax guy to get covid in december? Giving him enough time to “recover” and apply for a visa exemption at the same time.

  3. Catch 22 XD Get sued in case he was tested positive…end up in court room in case his positive test was a lie…. Karma gets you!!!!!!

  4. I’m intrigued to see what happens in Monday in court. Is there a chance the courts side with Novak? I do hope we find out what the exemptions were given for in the first place.

  5. He is such an unbelievable bellend.

    It’s amazing people defend him just because he can hit a ball well.

    He should be deported and banned from Australia.

  6. Idk about Novak but a lot of these athletes become rich and popular at a young age so their ego goes through the roof which is why you see so many athletes even in the NBA act like a bunch of crybabies because for once the world doesn’t revolve around them. Good people but man they need a good coach to tell them to just STFU and play

  7. If his doctor is from the Balkans, then it’s just bullshit. As someone from the region, it’s fairly easy for an average person to get written in as positive to avoid vaccinations, let alone someone of his statue.

    He was super vocal against vaccines and is now playing with the rules to avoid being barred from the tournament. Could be that he had it, but i don’t trust him one bit on this topic at this point.

  8. That’s kind of retarded. Like I have not gotten the jab yet because I’m a bit scared of it, but why the hell would you endanger other people? I’d know if I had COVID because I regularly donate blood and plasma and they run tests to see if you have anything. So far over the last year and a half, nothing.

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