David Starkey Absolutely OBLITERATES 'Religious Nutter' Greta Thunberg for Shaming Britain

“Fundamentally we should be LAUGHING at her!” Historian David Starkey lambasts the environmentalist for blaming Britain for climate change, saying they have a ‘historic responsibility’.

GB News, Brazier Angle, (30/09/2021). Stay tuned for more! Subscribe and hit the 🔔bell to join the ‘🔔Early Esquires🔔’.


Author: Mogg The Week

21 thoughts on “David Starkey Absolutely OBLITERATES 'Religious Nutter' Greta Thunberg for Shaming Britain

  1. Starkey is a nasty bastard. He may be right about the religious context, fair enough, but in this day and age we should not be laughing at any group of people who we do not understand. That is bullying.

  2. Wow just wow at the staggering arrogance of the man. Exhibit A of why the world is in the state it is and was. Grown man calling a child a nut. Starts of is it england that started climate change and ended up with been catholics fault and religion and just laugh at people.

  3. Why aren't men like this running our country ? I'd hate to get into a argument with him ! His breadth of knowledge is enormous . Oh I think I know why he's not in politics , probably because he's not greedy and doesn't lie through his teeth .

  4. Why has no one mentioned the fact that in one month of lockdown all the smog disappeared and the towns , oceans and rivers started to heal themselves ? Over population is the real pollution and without control will only get worse . Should we have a lockdown every year or would eat into big industries profits too much?

  5. Not often I agree with David Starkey ..

    .. but as learned and well-travelled though he is David Attenborough is not God: though his followers hang on to every word as though he is. Nor is Greta Thunberg, as well-meaning as she is. Dare I say some kind of high priestess for the young to follow.

  6. So Attenborough reminds him of a medieval saint and Thunburg of a medival child saint ….
    One gets so stuckup in ones profession that one sees the world through that prism only …

    I must say …. If not for the cut glass upper British accent, many a people would laugh at this theory now !

  7. The industrial revolution happened all over the advanced world not just in the u.k we all have a responsibility to climate change, but we also lead the world in reduction of carbon emissions.

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