COVID-19-Fälle bei Kindern sind „extrem hoch“ und geben Anlass zur Besorgnis

Pädiatrische COVID-19-Fälle sind in einer Woche um 16 % und in den letzten drei Wochen um 41 % gestiegen. Im ganzen Land nähern sich die Fristen für die Impfpflicht für Studenten. SCHAUEN SIE HEUTE NACHT VOLLSTÄNDIGE EPISODEN DER WORLD NEWS AN: SEHEN SIE HEUTE NACHT WORLD NEWS AUF HULU: #WorldNewsTonight #COVID-19 #Pädiatrie #ExtremelyHigh #Impfung #Deadlines .


Author: ABC News

36 thoughts on “COVID-19-Fälle bei Kindern sind „extrem hoch“ und geben Anlass zur Besorgnis

  1. Not a single mention of the terrorist attack that killed 6 in wisconsin.
    Why? The terrorist used a vehicle, not a gun. Doesnt fit the agenda.

    Oh, but a single shot in a crowded place gets days and days of coverage.

  2. Call upon the LORD JESUS today!!!!! don't wait!!!!!…there is no hope elsewhere. Today is the day of salvation. ONLY JESUS SAVES. 1Corinthians 15 1-4 is the gospel of salvation. Put your faith and trust in Him, NOT in man….satan is the god of this world for now….but….JESUS is coming. Make sure you know Him, and that He knows you!

  3. Millions of kids just got the “vaccine” and now cases are on the rise wow I wonder what the cause could be? Children are not at enough risk to warrant the “vaccine” don’t be stupid use your brain turn off the TV they don’t care about your children that’s your job.

  4. But the timing isn't suspect. These injections only train the immune system to not overreact to a single protein. It's called resistance. Problem is, there are 3 other main proteins that causes immune response. The M, N, and E proteins. If your immune system doesn't respond to the S protein, then how will it recognize attachment the the cells? If injected, you will still get sick. Also, a build up of the S protein in the body will cause major long term issues.

  5. I can't stand this guy. And every single newscast he's done during all of covid he never talks about wearing masks. Thailand had 11 cases the first year of the pandemic. Japan had less than 1000. Meanwhile America's the biggest joke on the worldwide stage. No one in this country will wear a mask. Newscasters don't tell you to wear a mask. The CDC tells you to take off your mask. You're all a bunch of idiots. And on this holiday, I'm most thankful that none of you idiots live in my house.

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