China Is Targeting Lithuania. The EU Must Push Back.

China Is Targeting Lithuania. The EU Must Push Back.

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25 thoughts on “China Is Targeting Lithuania. The EU Must Push Back.

  1. EU should grow some balls now instead of keeping silent.
    Time to strengthen sanctions, block imports and exports to China (but I doubt big companies will like that, money is business) and close down embassies.

  2. Look. When the moment comes and Taiwan is invaded, we will probably lose all trade with China, or at least a lot, whether we want it, the US want it or China itself wants it or not.

    Maybe right now is an opportunity to make that future drought less painful, by reducing imports as much as we can starting now.

  3. Trade it what keeps us dumb monkeys from bashing each others head in with a rock.

    EU cohesion is important, but we also can’t let one small country in our community drag the whole group into a trade war. So while I dislike Chinas politics regarding Taiwan and their sanctions against little ol’ Lithuania, we should take the diplomatic option and mediate.

  4. Lithuania started the war first without any notification to EU. Now, Lithuania goes back to hide behind EU and ask EU to pay for what it does. I think Lithuania should pay to other EU countries for the potential loss before EU start any actions.

  5. When a gang stops you in the street, or steps on your turf, its always the smallest, loud mouthed motherfucker who starts all the trouble, the one who wants to feel important, the one wants some form of validation for his existence, the one being nudged in the back by the other trouble causers, and the little shit then hides behind the big guys when the shit kicks off.

    This is a classic example of exactly that.

  6. If China could have been replaced, the West would have done so years ago already. Trump’s senior ministers were calling on US firms to “transition away” from China even before Covid.

    What happened? Apple has doubled down on China. US-China trade is bigger than ever. EU-China trade is bigger than ever. It will keep rising because China cannot be replaced. Only dimwits think empty sloganeering can replace 1.4 billion people and the most industrially important nervecenter of this world.

  7. Nah. The sooner Europeans realize that our strategic interests do not go against China or viceversa and this is all American-manufactured theatre, the better.

  8. Nope, EU won’t do shit (except maybe strongly worded letter, or posturing from politicians in front of media).

  9. Better the EU (and UK!) push back against China now then in the future when their economy dwarfs the entirety of Europe.

    The longer we put off confronting China on its aggression the stronger they become and weaker we become. Time is firmly on china’s side. It’s why the USA is taking action now, before China eclipses them.

  10. You have learn how to play this game. Start making unofficial moves to recognize Taiwan; rumors, opinion pieces in newspapers by minor officials, etc. And then let China sweat, they can’t put sanctions on the whole EU because they are not that powerful, yet. And let them know that if they stay cool, you will stay cool.
    The whole wolf warrior diplomacy is a facade if you lack the teeth to bite.

  11. The entire EU bureaucracy must design and enact an appropriate strategic response … not at a time that suits complex geopolitical influences, oh no, …but rather within minutes of each news story I read on reddit.

    Or else … no balls.

  12. As Lithuanian I disagree. Our gov made srupid, irresponsible, not discussed within country or with partners decision. We should be punished bot our partners.

  13. China is a single country whole economy is 30% bigger than the loose collection of 27 countries that is EU- I know who is gonna win

  14. I will go next summer to Lithuania. More people that can afford it should. It is a small way to show our appreciation and boost their economy.

  15. They targeted Sweden too, nobody seemed to care, other than the YT channel “China Uncensored”. It’s also the US that pushed for China not shilling its 5G “upgrade” to small countries like Bulgaria. It’s kind of shameful when the Americans are doing more for EU sovereignty than the EU.

  16. What is behind this strategy? Or what is the purpose? Put china under pressure? Really?
    The US is using everything they have, even Europe, as means to for their long term goals or is just a play to keep prices escalation even worse?

  17. We should rather kick out lithuania from EU or this will never end. They should have asked all other EU members for a united position before they attack a foreign country based on american propaganda bullshit.

    when this stunt works than fucking US lobbyist will buy out more of all this cheap eastern politicans and drag EU into bullshit

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