Biden warns Putin of ‘strong’ Western economic sanctions if Russia attacks Ukraine • FRANCE 24

#US President Joe #Biden warned Russian President Vladimir #Putin Tuesday of a “strong” Western economic response to any attack on #Ukraine, while Putin demanded guarantees that the NATO military alliance not push closer to #Russia.

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Author: FRANCE 24 English

25 thoughts on “Biden warns Putin of ‘strong’ Western economic sanctions if Russia attacks Ukraine • FRANCE 24

  1. the disease ends and there will be war … we lose our freedom because we live in fear .. there will be three wars after the new year and the world will live in fear. when they say sit, you will sit down out of fear. they take away our freedom

  2. America is descalating the situation in Europe. Europeans to wide open their eyes. America will never protect them if war breaks with Russia. If not totally destroyed Europe will surrender in a matter of hours.

  3. Oh no! The crippled guy made threats! The difference between the two is strength and power, and you can guess which means neither. Oh free world. 😆 Sometimes it takes dirt to make clean. I do have concern for Ukraine. I love Ukraine and Russia both.

  4. It doesn't matter: a smartphone, a carriage, a stone ax – the main thing for them is to shove their butt into the presidential chair and call it "patriotism."
    Не имеет значения: смартфон, карета, каменный топор – им главное, запихнуть свою пятую точку в президентское кресло и назвать это "патриотизм".

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