Biden to face Putin in video call over Ukraine conflict | On Location

President Joe Biden is expected to warn Russia’s Vladimir Putin that there would be consequences for invading its neighbor Ukraine.

Plus, the CDC is now urging people to use rapid tests as the Delta and Omicron COVID variants spread in the U.S.

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Author: ABC News

45 thoughts on “Biden to face Putin in video call over Ukraine conflict | On Location

  1. It only took 10 months for this so called president and Incompetent Democrats aka progressive liberal Socialists to screw this nation up.. Skyrocketing Gas,Food,Taxes,Rents.They,re clueless about running a country..

  2. It ended as a big fat flop. Putin amasses 100,000 troops and Biden simply threatens sanctions leaving the Ukrainian people alone to suffer under the invasions. If this administration had any balls they would have evoked the sanctions before the meeting and said….there….show us troop reductions and sanctions come off. America is led by weak diplomatic minds without balls. Putin knows it and is in total control. Biden failed America and the world today.

    Biden has already walked away from defending Ukrainian borders just like Afghanistan. Sanctions is all he brought to the table facing 100,000 armed warriors already in place. Biden blinked today.

    I don’t know about you all but….no way I can entrust my life into the hands if a man with no courage. Putin showed courage today and incredible confidence.

  3. If Biden didn't come off as a weak, pathetic, clueless and confused senile old man, they would release the video, parts of it or, at a minimum, a transcript. Instead, the White House and Biden's handlers will feed us their version of what happened. Putin is undoubtedly, still snickering. The United States hasn't been this vulnerable since December 7th 1941. EXACTLY 80 YEARS AGO TODAY

  4. Понятия не имею, зачем понадобилось вмешательство Америки. Возможно, возможно, Украина будет процветать под Россией. В Америке уже полно проблем. Не нужно драться с Большой Мамой Россией. Кто мы такие, чтобы управлять миром?

  5. I find it ironic that for the past four years the MSM and this current administration continuously accused Trump of being in collusion with the Russians who allegedly helped him win the election when it was Trump who In December, 2019, signed a law that imposed sanctions on any firm that helps Russia's state-owned gas company, Gazprom, finish a pipeline into the European Union – commonly known as the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. That's sure to gain some friendship from Putin…..LOL!

    Then in May, 2021, (4 months after inauguration) President Biden waived those very sanctions imposed against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline by former President Trump. Not one word from the MSM propagandists questioning who is actually colluding with Russia.

    I don't even have to mention the silence from the MSM about who was responsible for the now proven lies that allowed a FISA warrant to be issued in order to spy on the Trump campaign and his administration which ultimately lead to a multi-million dollar investigation into Trump/Russian collusion which ultimately proved bogus. In a just world, all those actors would be in jail for lying to the FISA court.

  6. fantastic .tks so much Biden, tks so much Putin for the productive meeting.
    the World love peace n we also need stability .
    we must deescalate.. focus on china
    wish the 2 presidents good health n good luck.

  7. Oh please. Russia did the same thing last year, the EU whined, and nothing actually happened. Following Trump’s World embarrassment sucking up to Putin at Helsinki Biden wants to make it look like we’re still in the game.

  8. Helsinki was embarrassing. Trump was scared to death of Puttin and then he loaded his diaper in the middle of the meeting,they said sir you need to change yourself you stink,lol

  9. Interesting that this idiotic administration is fine with inserting themselves into helping defend the Ukrainian border, but not our own US border against cartel and such….

  10. biden FOCUS on the Southern Border, not the Ukraine Border. 🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔

  11. Biden , Worst President In History !
    Really, Can Anybody Be As Pathetic As Biden ? A Complete Embarrassment To America ! Everyone Is Laughing at Biden And The Liberal MSM Media Covering Up For Biden Daily ! Just a Joke Of A Pretend President ! 80+ Mil Votes ? Come On Man ! lol

  12. Putin is putting on this show of strength against the USA to impress his paymasters (the Chekists, FSB, corrupt oligarchs and Mafia) in order to prove he is a tough, macho leader who is willing to take on the West and also to distract the Russian people from their miserable economic problems. If he doesn’t produce a big win from this, he’s toast. That’s why he is looking so jittery. Could well be his last poker game.

  13. The collapse of the USSR was as illegal as the seizure of power in February 1917 and the abdication of the tsar from power, and then all these communist revolutions. Russia has every right to restore the union of the fraternal peoples of Ukraine and Belarus into the New Union State! No one in the West or the United States has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the former USSR! No one. If you interfere in the internal affairs of the USSR, then modern Russian troops will be forced to plant their flag not only in Alaska, but also in Washington!

  14. A scarecrow like Biden hardly projects strength.
    Joe thinks that speaking loudly and big mouth gestures his words
    project strength but the effect is just the opposite.

  15. OTD in 1994, Ukraine signed the 'Budapest Memorandum' and agreed to give up its nukes in exchange for US/UK "perpetual guarantees of sovereignty & territorial integrity", guarantees which proved to be worthless in 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine.

  16. Whole world is fooled by USA – NATO parasites and terrorists. There is
    not real Ukraine problem with Russia, there is USA – NATO hiding behind
    Ukraine problem with Russia. The best solution is Russia and Poland that
    is NATO member invade Ukraine together and take their land from
    Ukraine that has been under Ukraine occupation since end of ww2. There
    probably very little if nothing would be left from NAZI Ukraine that
    would automatically ended USA – NATO parasites hiding behind Ukraine
    trying to fight Russia. No Ukraine – no puppet to hide by USA – NATO to
    create problem.

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