Biden-Putin virtual summit: 'Their positions are incompatible' • FRANCE 24 English

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin began a high-stakes video summit Tuesday in which the US president was set to warn of painful sanctions and increased military support for Eastern Europe if Russia invades Ukraine.

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Author: FRANCE 24 English

20 thoughts on “Biden-Putin virtual summit: 'Their positions are incompatible' • FRANCE 24 English

  1. Putin is obviously trying to intimidate and destabilise the Ukraine government. If he is bonkers enough, he may invade, but that would be a very big risk for him. If he intends to invade, he needs to carefully consider the cost and the reaction from the Ukraine people, the reaction from the EU and the US, and not least, the reaction from the Russian people themselves, because it is they who will have to suffer and bear the cost.

  2. Schiff said in congress 2014,we aid ukraine so we can fight russia over there and not here!!!!…that should tell you whats really going on!!!!forget the west bullcrap propaganda!

  3. Apparently CLIMATE CHANGE isn't enough of a threat to the human race, we should speed up the annihilation of the species by having a nice little war, with a few nukes thrown into the mix. Plus ça change……….The 20th century was the most murderous 100 years in human history, I have a feeling it will pale by comparison to the 21st.

  4. European union just watching and their cheat with Ukraine. Can't get any support from European union. I'm salute Ukraine president we have to learn Something from this president Volodymyr Zelensky

  5. As Europe relies less and less on gas turning to electric for power . Russia is going to feel that with his control on gas to threaten less and less effective as a blackmail tool .

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