Average Internet speed in Europe

Average Internet speed in Europe

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  1. As always, this is not average Internet speed, but the average speed of people using this speed testing website. Actual averages are likely lower than the averages of people testing their connection speed.

  2. I ehm… propose we expand internet providers in the Benelux to provide in all three countries. For ehm… you know, more cooperation and integration and such.

  3. Here in finland a lot of the consumer network equipment are mobile 4G. Our ground cabling requirements are quite strict, which makes installation slow and expensive to sparsely populated areas, and also older buildings. Certain providers don’t even offer DSL anymore, so the only option most of the countryside has is mobile.

    You don’t have to move far from helsinki center to only have ADSL or mobile available to you. Most reliable fiber development is in newly built areas, since older areas are often more reluctant to invest into the work because of the high cost.

  4. Prices in Romania:

    – villages can get 50 mbps to 300 mbps at 3 euro (alot of villages in my area got recently the 300 mbps upgrade) ;

    – small cities can get the 500 mbps at 6 euro or 1gbps at 8 euro;

    – in big cities u now can get the 2.5 gbps at 9 euro or 10 gbps at 10 euro.

    (VAT included)

  5. Really depends on where you live in france, can be 1000+mbps to 1mbps, for a long time in a 2500 peoples village we had 3mbps, 6km away from a city with a population of 250000. Meanwhile at my mom’s house 40km away in the fields she has 1000mbps after fiber, go figure.

  6. I live in Romania. My internet is faster than my wifi. If I do the speed test, I get the speed of my wifi… Everybody has 1GB speed it’s kinda standard. Some started to upgrade to 10GB. Cmon westerns, invest in tech! 😀

  7. Can anyone explain me what determines country’s internet speed? Why some countries have faster internet than others?
    I am from Greece and we have really bad internet here. How a country can solve this problem?

  8. I use speedtest only when feels like I have problems with internet access, do you? so I think it is incorrect to use their stats

  9. As a Dane my first reaction is to be slightly insulted, but not surprised, that Sweden scores 1 higher than us here. Then my gaze moves South-East to Turkey and Greece, and things are suddenly in a different perspective

  10. A couple things to explain the relatively low number for Finland:

    – Like most people, I have a 100/100 fixed connection. It’s kind of the standard fixed connection since several years back. It’s pretty much the standard that’s supplied to all the little towns and villages via fiber networks. 500mbps or 1gbps are often available but generally cost twice as much and a lot of people have no use for the extra bandwidth yet.

    – However, if you’d include mobile data in this, the picture changes drastically. I currently get 220mbps down and 55mbps up using speedtest on my phone on a friday evening, and it’s unlimited data like all standard mobile plans here. If I need to download something really large I just hook up my phone to my computer. I pay 30€/month for my mobile connection.

    Mobile data has been driving the growth in Finland for several years, and Finland has also had the highest mobile data usage in the world for many years in a row. The average Finnish SIM uses more than 30GB per month which is several times higher than the EU average.

    TL:DR. Finland has focused more on wireless rather than wired internet.

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