30 Jahre Reden zur Rettung des Planeten

„Viele meiner Generation sind wütend und frustriert über Führungskräfte, die leere Versprechungen gemacht und nicht gehalten haben, und wir haben allen Grund, wütend zu sein.“


Author: Brut India

41 thoughts on “30 Jahre Reden zur Rettung des Planeten

  1. Greta the mic you are using uses electricity

    My question where is thus electricity coming from is it from renewable sources or coal

    Did that event you spoke at use solar panels

  2. Activists on camera:- when will government save our planet.
    Activists off camera:- throwing garbages using AC cars and Ac at home.

    Note we Civillians can make changes not the govt or Any of this Bull shit speeches.

  3. The ultimate truth is, that , At any cost , at any infinite numerical cost , we human beings won’t be able to save this earth. We have damaged it. We have demolished thousands of living species from this planet. Human beings survive on the growth of economic systems. But in return , economic growths have damaged the natural balance of our planet. Economists , scientists and any kind of technological advancements cannot save this earth .
    The only thing that can save this earth is to go back , live in jungles and live with nature just like other species do. That’s it.

  4. Lockdown ne totally prove kar diya tha, human hi environment ke liye khatra hai 🤣. Aab bataao kya karain hum? Government agar factory ko boltii hai tho woh corruption karke nikal jaate hai

    Public ko boltii hai tho woh, related to festival tho woh whataboutery ka game kheltii hai. Like

    "Haan Bhai tum log humaarey religion ko hi target karna hai unko kyun nhi Bolte" harr religion yehii dialogue martaa hai. Humaarey ancestors majority prathaaye or connection banaaye (like Ganga ma, prakurti ma and all )taaki hum unko protect karain but logo ne ultaa samjhaa aur dead body ash, pooja ke samaan and all sab usmey dumb karne lagey. Government purii koshish kartii hai clean karne ka but public waps usko gandaa kar deta hai. In the name "belief", joki sabsay easy word use hota hai facts ko dabaane(buried) ke liye aur andhbhaktii or blindness ko safe rakhne ke liye yaa koi reason jab pataa naa ho tab yeh dialogue aata hai

    Yeh humaarii " belief " hai

  5. Brave speech without action is letting off useless stream -mahatma Gandhiji
    World people are doing it for so many yrs 🤣🤣 will see how many yrs they are going to talk like this…!!

  6. Fact that most of the people don't understand the major cause of climate change and they believe that it can be overcome by these activists planting few trees is truly sad. We need to provide awareness about this huge calamity.
    Climate change has brought recent and frequent floods, heat stroke , forest fires and so much, still we aren't looking for ways to cope up instead are abusing those who speak shows nothing but our insecurities and lack of calibre.

  7. As I understand ,we are progressively moving in a right direction, and it should be appreciated rather than bashing by mere talks. Undoubtedly, there is a urgency to do more but we need good citizens to shoulder the responsibility.

  8. It was blah blah blah…… It'll be blah blah blah….. Just because we're humans we don't even fuckin care about anything as long as we got to live a pleasurable life…

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