1999 NATO War Crimes in Serbia



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  1. I'm really pleased to see you uploading videos on this very important topic. Ron Paul was one of the very few and extremely rare honest politicians in the US government. Not enough people in the truth movement have a clue what happened in Yugoslavia/Serbia during the 1990's. Too many imbeciles and shills in this movement spreading "everything is a CGI hoax" garbage like RussianVids (Benjamin Liashenko a JEW) and John Le Bon aka Lesta Nediam, a university/college dropout.

  2. Great job on this video FYGP. I didn't think you would make it to be honest. I thought you deleted my original comment for some reason. I see by reading the comments below how some of your truther friends have spent time doing their research on this highly neglected subject. That's to be commended because like your friend said below we don't see truthers very often take the time to research the Yugoslavian wars and make videos about it. Well done and congratulations people. Here's a suggestion for a new video where you can explain how it all began. How the former Yugoslavia was deliberately destabilized and dismembered by the U.S. and Germany in 1990 after Franjo Tudjman in Croatia and Mile Kucan in Slovenia came to power. Both were former communists turned "pro-Western democrats" according to our lying Zionist media.Both were backed by our State Department and CIA.

    By the way, today – March 24 – is a day which will live in infamy, not just for Serbians but for all freedom loving peoples around the world. It was on this day – in 1999 – that our corrupt rapist in chief – U.S president William Jefferson Clinton (aka "Slick Willy") – ordered NATO planes (over 70% of them under U.S. command) to begin bombing Serbia and Monetengero (aka the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) in response to the Yugoslav government's anti-terrorist insurgency campaign against the drug-running mafia linked terrorist KLA (wrongly called a "brutal crackdown on ethnic Albanian Kosovars" by the American, British and European media). It was also on this day that former Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic was sentenced to 40 years by NATO's "court" at The Hague, Netherlands. Bosnia-Herzegovina itself was illegally recognized by the U.S. and Germany on April 6, 1992. The same day that Adolf Hitler ordered "Operation Punishment", the mass carpet bombing of Belgrade, Serbia on April 6, 1941 which led to the deaths of over 17,000 people.

    Your friends are also 100% right on target about the German secret services being involved from the very beginning. The secret intelligence service of the government of Germany – the BND – was the primary instigator of the terrorist insurgency in Kosovo, just like they were the instigators of an insurgency beginning back in mid 1990. This was when the German government backed illegal paramilitary formations in Croatia to harass and ethnically cleanse the Serbs who were a constituent nation at that time in Croatia, not a so called "minority" as the Western Zionist media claimed. These were Serbs unfortunate enough to be living in the territory of Tito's artificially created communist administrative boundaries of Croatia – which included the former Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg military frontier known as the "Krajina". The Serbs had been living there for over 400 years having been invited to settle the area by the Austrian emperor in the late 1500's. Over 50,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed by the new neo-Fascist government of Franjo Tudjman in 1990 before civil war had "officially" broken out in mid 1991 in the former Socialist Federated Republic of Yugoslavia.

    It was the political class in modern Germany – some of them Zionist Jews – who were behind Yugoslavia's and Serbia's destruction and the demonization of the entire Serbian people in the 1990's via Germany's BND manipulation of the Western mainstream media. This was done as an act of revenge against the Serbs as a whole because of Serbia's obstruction of Germany's imperial ambitions in the East. There was no effective de-Nazification of Germany after the war ended in 1945. The leader of Germany at the time of the wars in Yugoslavia in the early 1990's was Helmut Kohl who was an avid supporter of Croatia's leader Franjo Tudjman. Tudjman was an ardent supporter and apologist for the "Ustashe", the Croatian version of the Nazi Einzatsgruppen and SS. The Ustashe were Roman Catholic Croat religious fanatics who committed a horrific genocidal extermination program of the Orthodox Christian Serbs living in today's Bosnia and Croatia. It's ironic because Jews living in Croatia and Bosnia were killed by the Croat Ustashe too. So your friends are also right about Jews being quote…."ungrateful backstabbers"….unquote

    Kohl and Tudjman had a secret meeting in 1988 where Germany promised full support for Croatia's unilateral secession in 1991 by starting a war using illegal Croatian paramilitaries armed with weapons from former East Germany against the federal Yugoslav National Army (JNA). It was Kohl who invited Reagan to visit the Kolmeshohe Cemetery in Bitburg West Germany in April 1985 containing the graves of SS men. President Reagan layed a wreath on the graves and said the SS men "were just as surely victims" as those who were inmates in Nazi concentration camps, while Kohl looked on and wiped away tears. Look it up by typing in "Reagan Kohl Bitburg" and "Helmut Kohl wipes away tears Bitburg".

    Look up National Security Decision Directive [NSDD] number 133 dated March 14, 1984 entitled "US Policy Towards Yugoslavia"*. This was a document that directly targeted Yugoslavia for destabilization! Also look up *"Foreign Operations Appropriations Law 101-513"

    Then in early November 1990, the U.S. Congress passed Foreign Operations Appropriations Law 101-513. Annual "foreign operations" appropriations facilitate U.S. corporate control of many of the world's economies by granting — or withholding — major funding to international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the Asian, African and Inter-American Development Banks. Section 599a of this Act cut off all aid, credit, and loans to Yugoslavia and demanded immediate, separate elections in each of the country's six republics. The U.S. State Department would alone determine the validity of each election and resume aid to individual regions if the victors were deemed "democratic."

    Can't wait to see your video on this one FYGP. I doubt that 15 minutes will do it justice. I think the same multi-part treatment you gave to Deutsche Welle's anti-Russian propaganda is in order here. Don't rush it though. Quality over popularity. Good luck.

  3. FYGP, I haven't heard from you in a long time. What happened to your promise a few months ago to make a series of videos about the late Croat leader Franjo Tudjman and the Ustashe supported by the Vatican? I have noticed that way too many anti-Serb propaganda videos by the neo-liberal US media are left alone by you Serbs without responding. While those who do respond to the lies against your people aren't even Serbs. Don't you find that just a little strange? People like myself who left the Roman Catholic religion after waking up to its crimes and heresies. Why are so many Serbs these days so much into apathy? Its very sad and shameful to see them sit back and do nothing. It's like they don't care that their people and country are still being demonized 27 years later? Too busy watching sports perhaps or do they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome? I just left this comment on 2 videos by the Associated Press unfairly demonizing the Serbs in Croatia. They were about Serb leader Milan Martic of the so called "Republic of Serbian Krajina". Let me know what you think.

    As an American formerly of the Roman Catholic faith, I am utterly disgusted at how my tax dollars were used to destroy Yugoslavia and demonize just one side in this conflict with this laughably one sided and fake 'tribunal'. This so called 'justice' Bakone Moloto is a regular Uncle Tom working for a sham NATO owned and financed kangaro court. A fake 'court' using the UN as a cover for Clinton's and Albright's neo-liberal crusade against the Orthodox Christian Serbs. Albright bragged how she pushed through this sham ad hoc and utterly phony 'tribunal' through the UN Security Council in violation of the UN's own charter! It's funding comes from NATO states and transnational mega corporations. Its personnel is controlled and vetted entirely by Washington and Brussels bureaucrats.

    'Justice' Moloto is clearly lying through his teeth when he claimed that there was some kind of secret plot by the late Milosevic to create an ethnically pure 'Greater Serbia'. Serbia is the only multi-ethnic state left of the former Yugoslavia. There were at least 26 different nationalities living there while Milosevic was leading the country from 1987 to 2000! So to even suggest that Milosevic supposedly wanted an 'ethnically pure' state is beyond absurd. On the other hand, the petty neo-Fascist statelets that our leaders in Washington supported during the 1990's like Croatia ethnically cleansed over half a million Serbs from their ancestral homes from 1990-1995. Not a word is said of these massive crimes by our neo-liberal media like CNN, NBC, ABC, etc.

    To make matters even worse, not a word is mentioned here by 'Justice' Moloto of the brutal Nazi style campaign of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the neo-Fascist Croat regime of Franjo Tudjman during "Operation Flash" and "Operation Storm" in the spring and summer of 1995. Hundreds of thousands of Serbs were forced to flee in the largest ethnic cleansing campaign in Europe since the Einzatsgruppen Nazis of World War 2. According to the Defense and Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy journal, UN personnel witnessed neo-Fascist Croat "Ustasha" troops walking around with the heads of decapitated Serb women and children during these attacks on Serb villages. Franjo Tudjman is the former Croat Communist turned neo-Fascist who ran Croatia during much of the 1990's and wrote a book in 1989 defending Adolf Hitler and his Croat protege Ante Pavelic's so called "Independent State of Croatia" responsible for one of the most ghastly and barbaric concentration camps in Europe known as 'Jasenovac'.

    Tudjman is the guy who praised the Holocaust in Croatia as a "natural phenomenon", "in harmony with societal" values and by the "Almighty" God Himself because according to Tudjman: "Genocide is not only permitted, it is also recommended, even COMMANDED by the Word of the Almighty". Got that folks? Tudjman also claimed the Holocaust extermination camps in Croatia like Jasenovac were "run by Jews" and said that the "Serbs had to disappear from Croatia" and were "a cancer". This is the guy prtrayed as a "pro-Western democrat" who our media claimed "held our Western democratic values". ROFLMFAO!!!!

    'Justice' Moloto even went so far as to implicitly advocate ethnic cleansing by asking the absurd question to one of the Serb witnesses in this sham 'trial' the following question [paraphrasing]:

    'Justice' Moloto": "When you saw that they [Croats under Franjo Tudjman] didn't want you [Serbs] in Croatia, why didn't you just pack up and go to Serbia? Instead, you've made trouble for yourself and the Croats".

    Outrageous! What this historically ignorant idiot Moloto fails to realize is that the Serbs were living in the 'Krajina' [formerly the Austro-Hungarian Military Frontier] area for CENTURIES before our great nation was even founded. The Austrian emperor invited the Serbs to settle that area in the 1400's and 1500's as a Christian bulwark against the Islamic hordes of the Turkish Ottoman empire. The Christian Serbs fighting on the Military Frontier on behalf of the Hapsburgs saved not only Austria-Hungary but much of Western Europe from falling under centuries of brutal Ottoman Islamic terror and occupation.

    If this so called ICTY 'tribunal' was in any way fair and legitimate, it would not have set free or refused to indict notorious mass murderers of Serbs like Agim Ceku [A Croatian of Albanian origin], Naser Oric [a Bosnian muslim], Hashim 'the snake' Thaci [an Albanian] and Ramush Haradinaj [an Albanian] just to name a few. Of course our State Department and White House went so far as instructing the 'officials' of this ICTY kangaroo court to even allow these mass murdering criminals to become prime ministers and presidents of countries we brought into existence!!! So called "international justice" as practised by the NATO countries is a complete and utter farce!

  4. And yet we not only keep letting these CRIMINALS die of NATURAL causes (rather than stretching on the gallows where they belong), we keep VOTING them into OFFICE.

    Tired of fucking saying it…… but WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA.

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